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A celebration of first features that hail the arrival of exciting directors.

Two Irenes

Fabio Meira Brazil, 2017

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From Hitchcock to Kieślowski to Jordan Peele, the story of the double has proven to be fertile territory for cinematic visions. But rarely has it been treated as luminously as in this superb debut from Brazil: a beguiling study on identity, imbued with both adolescence turmoil and summertime bliss.


Roman Bondarchuk Ukraine, 2018

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Ukrainian director Roman Bondarchuk has leapt to his fictional debut with an arresting eye and unpredictable story. A mordant, semi-surreal comedy as much skewering international intervention into his war-torn country as it does idiosyncratic citizens, it boldly mixes the political with the comical.

Manta Ray

Phuttiphong Aroonpheng Thailand, 2018

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The gorgeous images and gentle storytelling of Thai director Phuttiphong Aroonpheng’s entrancing debut subtly build a compassionate evocation of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Thailand. A tale of empathy, culpability, recuperation, and blurred identities, it marks the voice of a bold new talent.

Our House

Yui Kiyohara Japan, 2017


A student of Japanese horror master Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Yui Kiyohara has imbued her impressive first film⁠—a graduation project!⁠—with an eerie ambiguity that is as elusive as it is irresistible. A ghost story of sorts, where two storylines mysteriously overlap, echoing the polyphony of Bach’s music.

Suleiman Mountain

Elizaveta Stishova Kyrgyzstan, 2017


Elizaveta Stishova has crafted a rich and colorful tale that combines a long-lost son, drama between wives of different ages, a boozy husband, shamanism, and con-games. It sounds like a lot, but told as a road movie through stunning Kyrgyz landscapes, her debut weaves a remarkably human story.

Sarah Plays a Werewolf

Katharina Wyss Switzerland, 2017


Digging deeper into “teen angst” than most coming-of-age stories, Katharina Wyss’ debut weaves the horror of adolescence into the fabric of her film. Psychological tension and liberating performance blend in a claustrophobic yet engrossing look at the complexities of letting go in order to grow up.


Isabella Eklöf Denmark, 2018


Be warned: this is no placid summer’s tale! Isabella Eklöf’s sun-drenched debut is as intoxicating as it is brutal. An unflinching study of female oppression whose perspective on abuse has stirred up controversy, Holiday is daring filmmaking that exudes confidence while asking crucial questions.


Helena Wittmann Germany, 2017


A student of Berlin School auteur Angela Schanelec, Helena Wittmann takes us on a transcendental trip with Drift: we move from interiors into oceanic immensity as one of its characters makes a journey across the Atlantic. A cosmic and compelling adventure to launch our strand of impressive debuts.

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