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Rushes. Stan Lee & Alain Resnais, Transgender Cinema, Quay Brothers Imaginary Posters

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  • The Weinstein Company has continued its descent after the many sexual assault accusations fired at Harvey Weinstein. According to Variety, the company is now filing for bankruptcy after a sale fell through.
  • Just a few weeks ago we shared the trailer for Hong Sang-soo's latest film, Grass. Now, in the event of its U.S. distribution (provided by Cinema Guild), there's a new trailer for one of Hong's 2017 ventures: Claire's Camera. You can read our review for the lovingly quaint film in our Cannes 2017 coverage.
  • Marvel mastermind Stan Lee recounts his surreal near-collaboration with the great late French director Alain Resnais for Criterion.
  • February 16th, 2018 was the 100th anniversary of the creation of the state of Lithuania. Thus the nation's avant-garde maestro, Jonas Mekas, has kindly shared his 2008 epic Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR on Vimeo.
  • No, we're not yet done posting about Paul Thomas Anderson's marvelous new film Phantom Thread. Anderson sat down with the Cinémathèque Française for a filmed masterclass—now available for your viewing pleasure.
  • Phantom Thread related content continues with a playlist made by Paul Thomas Anderson to accompany the film's theatre experience (or otherwise?), featuring the likes of Carly Simon, Bernard Herrmann, Rihanna and more:
  • Ahead of the Academy Awards ceremony this weekend, The Hollywood Reporter has published a candid interview with the four black Americans to receive a Best Directing nod thus far: Barry Jenkins, John Singleton, Lee Daniels & Jordan Peele. Needless to say, it’s an essential read.
  • The great film critic Andy Rector has translated and re-published an essential interview with Jerry Lewis from 1980, conducted by Cahiers du cinéma critics Serge Daney & Serge Toubiana:
“It’s thanks to Chaplin that we have the cinema. He made it walk. It was nice of the Academy Awards to wait until he was almost dead to award him. Another ten minutes and they would’ve missed him! Like with Stan Laurel. I think I’m going to write them a letter: don’t do this to me, give me now what you’ll give to me when I’m eighty-four, give it to me immediately, while I’m still young enough to dance up that scene without shame.”
  • Film critics Willow Maclay & Caden Gardner have started a new conversational critical series regarding transgender cinema, in preparation for their eventual book on the subject. For their inaugural piece they take a look at representation Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs and beyond. Furthermore, Maclay has also written an incisive review of the Academy Award nominated A Fantastic Woman, and its representational pitfalls for the Nashville Scene.
The boombox carried by the character Radio Raheem in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.
  • For Brownstoner, Craig Hubert has penned a loving portrait of the production of Spike Lee's landmark film Do the Right Thing, in addition to the great documentarian St. Clair Bourne's making-of film of the production.
  • Speaking of St. Clair Bourne, Fanta Sylla has written a powerful and incisive tribute to the documentary visionary of African American cinema for The Village Voice.
  • "To enter Stephanie Barber’s films and videos is to enter a thicket of words, a tangle of language that overwhelms the viewer’s ears and floods the spaces of her frame with implications and meaning. An artist who works in photography, poetry, music, and live performance, Barber in her video work opens a specific space in the audiovisual field for speech to flourish and even to run wild. Characters converse in dense monological passages, both for us and for their interlocutors, playfully demanding us to tune into their particular discursive register and rhythm."
  • That's Leo Goldsmith, above, writing for The Village Voice, on the beguiling films and videos of Stephanie Barber.
  • We've concluded our coverage of the 2018 Berlinale. You can find a roundup of our coverage here.
  • The latest entry to our Directors in New York, a video interview with Haitian director Raoul Peck regarding his new film The Young Karl Marx.
  • A close study of the soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Midday Curfew (Cyrffew Canol Dydd), c. 1974-77, Pencil on illustration board, 76 x 51 cm (29 ⅞ x 20 ⅛ in)
  • An imaginary film poster from a series created by the legendary experimental animators, the Quay Brothers. Flavorwire has a preview of the series now published in the new book Quay Brothers: The Black Drawings 1974—1977.
  • The Portuguese Institute of Cinema has published a preview book of numerous Portuguese productions, which includes first looks at Pedro Costa's Vitalina Varela & Rita Azevedo Gomes' The Portuguese Lady:
Pedro Costa's Vitalina Varela
Rita Azevedo Gomes' The Portuguese Lady

The link to the Jerry Lewis interview seems to be broken. FYI.

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