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Rushes. Remembering Olmi & Rissient, "This Is America", Jerry Lewis Auction

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  • The great post-war Italian auteur Ermanno Olmi had died at the age of 86. Winner of the Palme d'Or in 1978 for The Tree of the Wooden Clogs, Olmi was making great cinema up until the end. Sam Roberts of the The New York Times remembers.
  • And another mourning that also hits us personally: Pierre Rissient, the ultimate cinephile (and filmmaker in his own right!), has left us. Scott Foundas has penned a most thorough remembrance for IndieWire.
  • We're covering the Cannes Film Festival this week and next, and are ever-more excited for the latest film from South Korean director Lee Chang-dong (Poetry), which so happens to be his first film in 8 (!) years.
  • Two of the minds behind the brilliant television series Atlanta, Donald Glover (in his musical alias Childish Gambino) and director Hiro Murai, collaborate on this scintillating new music video, already one of our favorite shorts of the year.
  • Notebook friend Ignatiy Vishnevetsky directed this clip for The AV Club about 35mm film projection and that eternal question of the future of movie-going.
  • Fireflies Magazine co-editor Annabel Brady-Brown offers a thoroughly engaged diaristic journey into her trip at this years Berlin International Film Festival, and reflections on one film in particular, for Open Space.
  • For The New York Review of Books, film scholar David Bordwell applies his aesthetic-historic methods to film noir and finds Freud.
  • Spike Lee expert K. Austin Collins celebrates the magnificence of the director's He Got Game ahead of its 20th anniversary.
  • Max Goldberg engages with the "radical simplicity" of Nathaniel Dorsky and his sublime new 7-film series, Arboretum Cycle, for The Brooklyn Rail.
  • A new video essay exploring the shapeshifting roles of Orson Welles.
  • With our Douglas Sirk retrospective playing nearly worldwide, another video essay analyzes a scenes in the director's Faulkner adaptation The Tarnished Angels, and how one small sequence mirrors the film as a whole. 
  • Finally, three articles supporting our collaboration with the nonfiction and hybrid film showcase "Art of the Real": an introduction to Fail to Appear by director Antoine Bourges; an interview with Baronesa director Juliana Antunes; and an appreciation of Donal Foreman's The Image You Missed.
  • Just in case you reside in L.A. and are in the market for some Jerry Lewis memorabilia...

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