Rushes: Doris Day, Cannes Trailers, Portrait of Joanna Hogg

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Doris Day.
  • The American actress, singer, and Animal rights activist, Doris Day has died. Anthony Lane provides a tender remembrance at The New Yorker: "There was a depth, despite everything, to her fabled simplicity, and a courage to her lack of complications; even as the world was curdling around her, she insisted on the milk of human kindness."
  • With the 2019 Cannes Film Festival having now begun, a slew of trailers has arrived ranging from Ira Sachs collaboration with Isabelle Huppert, Werner Herzog's mysterious Japan set film, to French comedy auteur (and DJ!) Quentin Dupieux's new... horror film?!
  • Rick Alverson's menacing, Jeff Goldblum led pic about a lobotomizing doctor gets its first stirring trailer ahead of a US release.
Joanna Hogg by Eleanor Taylor for The New York Times.
  • In the event of her new, majestic film opening in US cinema's, Brit auteur Joanna Hogg receives a vast portrait of her artistic genesis in relation to the autobiographical nature of The Souvenir.
  • Tellingly following the release of Marvel Studios mammoth blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, Eric Kohn casts an eye on the increasingly positive state of arthouse cinema at the Chinese box office. An essential read.
  • "Brooks is often spoken of like some sort of maverick outsider who made it inside Hollywood’s gates — a Trojan horse armed not with sword and shield, but with a ventriloquist dummy and self-awareness. But he was born inside the gates and has remained there for his entire career." Over at Split Tooth Media, Brett Wright works through the singular comedy and career of Albert Brooks.
  • With three films (!) coming out this year, the aforementioned Werner Herzog sits down with Talk Easy podcast to discuss his life, career, and upcoming work.
  • Josephine Decker's Madeline's Madeline is having its exclusive online premiere on MUBI in the United Kingdom. James Slaymaker discusses the intricate experimentations of "one of the most exhilarating young American filmmakers to have emerged in the 21st century."
  • Josh Cabrita traces the trajectory of Abel Ferrara's contradictory career as celebrated by an on-going retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.
  • The Notebook is covering Cannes with an on-going correspondence between Leonardo Goi and editor Daniel Kasman. Kasman introduces the festival with a look at both what's exciting and at stake at this year's festival.
  • At Grasshopper, Asako I & II director Ryūsuke Hamaguchi offers his eclectic 10 favorite films of the decade, ranging from Clint Eastwood to Hong Sang-soo. We interviewed Hamaguchi following the premiere of Asako at last years Cannes Film Festival.


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