Rushes: "Ad Astra" Trailer, Coming-of-Age Outfits, First Reformed: Godzilla

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Barry Jenkins by Liz Seabrook for Little White Lies
  • Barry Jenkins is set to direct a film about the life of the late Alvin Ailey, the choreographer considered one of the most important of the twentieth century.
  • A wonderfully lush and eerie trailer for the 4K restoration of Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now, which opens in theaters on July 5.
  • The BFI and the Royal Astronomical Society have uncovered the very first film of a solar eclipse, captured by British magician Nevil Maskelyne in 1900.
  • One century after the solar eclipse was first captured on film, arrives the first trailer for James Gray's Ad Astra, which stars Brad Pitt as an astronaut searching for his missing father—who was involved in a government project on extraterrestrial life—in space.
  • The official trailer for Carlos Reygadas's Our Time, starring Reygadas and his wife Natalia López as a couple caught in a love triangle. Read our interview with Reygadas regarding Our Time here.
  • NEON has released the first trailer for Julius Onah's Luce, based on the play by J.C. Lee. The film follows a high school student, adopted from Eritrea, whose affinity for violence attracts the suspicions of his teacher.
Maurice Pialat's À Nos Amours.
  • For Ssense, 9 writers share their fashion essentials from coming-of-age films, from the one-piece swimsuit of Catherine Breillat's Fat Girl to the striped t-shirt in Maurice Pialat's À Nos Amours.
  • In an examination of Tate Taylor and Octavia Spencer's horror film Ma, Doreen St. Felix writes that the film, like many misfires of our current moment, "is so busy making a spectacular event of its existence, it neglects to attend to its meaning."
  • "I used to reflect on my younger self and think about a girl who didn’t know what she was doing. [...] The hardest part was discovering that, fundamentally, I hadn’t changed that much." Joanna Hogg describes the process of recalling feelings and memories into the present, in an interview with BOMB Magazine.
Elaine May by Brigitte Lacombe.
  • Elaine May interviews Kenneth Lonergan in a conversation that begins with a series of scrambled e-mails and continues into a discussion of feminism, favorite foods, and fate.
  • The filming of Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch is detailed in a new book by poet W.K. Stratton. In A.S. Hamrah's review of the book, he posits that because "almost all the Americans involved [...] had seen action in the Second World War, the film can be read as a crypto-reenactment of the violence they witnessed and its subsequent trauma."
  • Abel Ferrara discusses Tommaso, his collaborative relationship with Willem Dafoe, moments of self-reflection upon his career, and creative freedom.
  • Beatrice Loayza considers Nobuhiro Suwa's The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which stars Jean-Pierre Léaud as an aging actor, and "marks another Léaudian interpretation of the ways in which cinema can inform death, and vice versa." The Lion Sleeps Tonight is currently receiving an exclusive global online premiere on MUBI from May 28 – June 26, 2019.
  • Andrew Northrop reports from the 5th Nitrate Picture Show, "the George Eastman Museum’s unique festival in Rochester, NY [which] curates and projects movies printed on the volatile film stock."
  • Dom Nero of Esquire imagines a world where Reverend Toller of the First Reformed Church anticipates Godzilla's apocalyptic invasion of earth. "Will Godzilla forgive us?"


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