Rushes. Abel Ferrara's "Siberia", Two New Restorations, "Solaris" Concept Art

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  • Sharunas Bartas has been accused of sexual misconduct by two past collaborators. Read the full story at The Hollywood Reporter.
  • On the positive news front: Abel Ferrara has secured funding for his previously delayed production Siberia, starring Willem Dafoe, Isabelle Huppert, and Nicholas Cage.
  • The trailer for the gorgeous new restoration of the Jacques Rivette masterpiece La belle noiseuse.
  • Watch a rare in-depth discussion with Bela Tarr for the Morelia International Film Festival.
  • Somehow we missed this: a trailer for a new Kiyoshi Kurosawa TV series. If anyone has further information on this, we're all ears!
  • In the event of Grasshopper's forthcoming Blu-ray release, Straub-Huillet scholar & filmmaker Ted Fendt offers a new essay on Moses and Aaron:
"The film faithfully stages the opera: 'everything is said, sung, or performed—musically and dramatically, with few exceptions—as indicated by Schoenberg.' A Straub-Huillet adaptation contains, nevertheless, small, select additions that re-orient the original work in its new form as a film."
  • In light of its recent premiere, Notebook contributor Duncan Gray weighs in on Hong Sang-soo's On the Beach at Night Alone at his terrific blog.
  • For The New Yorker, Doreen St. Félix thoughtfully unravels the representation of abuse, the complexities of catharsis, and "restorative justice" in Attiya Khan & Lawrence Jackman's A Better Man:
“[...] A Better Man, despite its title, is not concerned with turning Steve into a better version of himself. Instead, the film seeks to portray him as he is, however agonizing his normalcy may be. More than once, Khan presses him on the abuse that he may have endured before they started living together, instinctively attempting to place him in some cycle of violence; Steve vaguely confirms that there was trouble but does not divulge specifics. The documentary’s cleverness is that it resists the roundness of resolution or catharsis, while also acknowledging that Khan and Steve will always remain some kind of asymmetrical unit."
  • Mica Levi's (Under the Skin, Jackie) latest OST for Phil Collins' anime Delete Beach can now be previewed and/or purchased at boomkat.
  • Stunning concept art for Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris by Mikhail Romadin. Via Ewan Morrison.
  • Tina Hassannia deconstructs Cléo from 5 to 7's timeless title sequence for the latest edition of The Art of the Title.


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