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Images of the Day: Joan Alone: Joan Bennett in Fritz Lang’s “Secret Beyond the Door…”

Images of melancholy, void, and terror.

Images of melancholy, void, and terror.

From Fritz Lang's Secret Beyond the Door (1948), featuring Joan Bennett and Michael Redgrave, cinematography by Stanley Cortez.  The film screens this weekend in New York on a very surreal print at the Bluebeard on Film series at Anthology Film Archives.

This movie is so weird. Her casting in SUSPIRIA was inevitable after this.
Ben, did you happen to see the print they showed in this series? It was missing at least 30 seconds, if not more, at the beginning and end of every reel. Major plot revelations were “skipped” because of this! It made the film even more dreamy and strange.
Daniel, I also saw it at AA… terrible print. Towards the end the audience was just laughing. I’ve rewatched it this weekend. Much more solid although the plot is still weak (how she goes from thinking the room is made out of guilt of his first wife, then murder, then her own murder is kind of wacky). But enough ideas and themes are present to make it enjoyable. I would call “House by the River” dreamy and strange.

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