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FILMADRID & MUBI: The Video Essay—“Red Showgirls”

A video essay on beauty and power in the two films from The Archers & Paul Verhoeven: “The Red Shoes” and “Showgirls.”
The Video Essay is a joint project of MUBI and FILMADRID Festival Internacional de Cine. Film analysis and criticism found a completely new and innovative path with the arrival of the video essay, a relatively recent form that already has its own masters and is becoming increasingly popular. The limits of this discipline are constantly expanding; new essayists are finding innovative ways to study the history of cinema working with images. With this non-competitive section of the festival both MUBI and FILMADRID will offer the platform and visibility the video essay deserves. The six selected works will be shown during the dates of FILMADRID (June 7 - 16, 2018) on MUBI’s cinema publication, the Notebook. There will also be a free public screening of the selected works during the festival. The selection was made by the programmers of MUBI and FILMADRID.
Red Showgirls
Video essay by Jorge Negrete
The prestigious Lermontov Ballet Company changes its elegant and classy ballet dancers and instead showcases the feral talents of an ensemble of Las Vegas’ showgirls who proudly present a wild and iconoclastic version of Andersen’s classic tale with the score composed for the 1948 film.
A dream of beauty and power becomes a nightmare of madness and possession of devilish nature.
En el presente videoensayo, el prestigioso Ballet de Lermontov (Anton Walbrook) cambia su repertorio de elegantes y flemáticos bailarines por un grupo de coristas de Las Vegas, no menos capaces pero si menos sofisticados, que montan una salvaje e iconoclasta versión del popular cuento infantil al ritmo del ballet compuesto para la película de 1948.  
Un sueño de belleza y poder que se convierte en una pesadilla de locura y posesión de cariz diabólico.

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