Da Vinci Sternberg

Corkscrewing two images: a Florentine mural potentially hiding a Da Vinci; and a Russian icon, definitely hiding Marlene Dietrich.
Daniel Kasman

"A hidden message in a painting has led to the first evidence of a 'lost' Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece that has lain hidden for 400 years in a secret compartment behind another mural in Florence, scientists announced today.

An 'endoscopic' probe was inserted into the interior of the wall in the Palazzo Vechio, and obtained chemical samples of a dark pigment which Da Vinci also used in the Mona Lisa." —MailOnline

The Scarlet EmpressThe Scarlet EmpressThe Scarlet EmpressThe Scarlet EmpressThe Scarlet Empress

From Josef von Sternberg's The Scarlet Empress  (1934); featuring Sam Jaffe and Marlene Dietrich; cinematography by Bert Blennon; art direction/department: Hans Dreier, Peter Ballbusch, and Richard Kollorsz.


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