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Novel Perspectives: Experiences in Virtual Realities

Looking for the state—and the true potential—of virtual reality at a pavilion dedicated to the art at the Venice Film Festival.

Brutal Finality: Panos Cosmatos Discusses "Mandy"

The director talks about Nicolas Cage's sensitive side, creating his film's visceral experiences, and dealing with personal loss.

Foreplays #15: Víctor Erice's "La Morte Rouge"

What impact on your life does the first film you see have? In an intimate and personal short film, Víctor Erice explores his own encounter.

NYFF: Mark Bozek's "The Times of Bill Cunningham"

Like a Japanese rock garden, Mark Bozak's "The Times of Bill Cunningham" wisely and beautifully condenses itself to the bare essentials.

Movie Poster of the Week: The Posters of the 6th New York Film Festival

As the 2018 NYFF comes to a close, a look back at the films, and the posters for the films, that made up the 1968 edition.

"You'll never understand": Real-Life Tragedy in "U — July 22" and "22 July"

Erik Poppe’s "Utøya – 22 July" and Paul Greengrass's "22 July" confuse specific experiences of tragedy for an understanding of suffering.

The Forgotten: Intimate Strangers

An escaped POW in Occupied France seeks to marry a stranger under a false identity, but is he walking into some kind of trap?

The Spaces We've Made, The Spaces We've Lost: Leilah Weinraub's "Shakedown"

"Shakedown" follows the eight-year run of its titular, L.A.-based, black lesbian strip-night and underground party series.

Rushes. Twin Peaks VR, Google & Terrence Malick, Barry Jenkins Profile

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Video Essay. Fearful Symmetry: Michael Mann’s "Manhunter"

Michael Mann's 1986 Thomas Harris adaptation revels in symmetry of framing, balancing and unbalancing a story based on sight and touch.

"Arada": Can A Punk Rocker Escape a Tumultuous Turkey?

Desperate to leave Turkey, a punk singer learns of a ticket to the U.S., sending him on a nightmarish, hallucinatory trip through Istanbul.

"This Is a Film About Love": Carlos Reygadas Discusses "Our Time"

The director untangles the complexities of the film starring himself and his wife playing a couple experimenting with an open relationship.