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Cinema Rediscovered 2017. Recycled/Renewed: Archival footage in "Dawson City: Frozen Time" and "Becoming Cary Grant"

Two docs—one about the discovery of old films in the Yukon, the other about Cary Grant—use archival footage to discover and evoke history.

"Twin Peaks," Episode 15 Recap: How Beautiful Is This

More and more, the new Twin Peaks seems to be a meditation on, as much as it is guided by, serendipity.

Review. "Logan Lucky"—Steven Soderbergh Remains in Fine Form

Call it a return, call it a continuation, "Logan Lucky" is the 54-year-old director Steven Soderbergh doing what he does so well.

Cinema Rediscovered 2017. "The Entity" (or To Be A Woman Is To Be Born In A Venus Fly Trap)

The story that lies beneath the 1980s horror film is timeless: to be a woman is to be born into a world of investigation and surveillance.

Cinema Rediscovered 2017. 50 Years after "La chinoise", What Can Be Said of the Radical Left?

A participant at the festival's Film Critics Day workshop looks at how Jean-Luc Godard's 1967 Leftist drama speaks to the present.

Camilo Restrepo’s Impressions

The Colombian director—one of the great contemporary filmmakers—shares with us his journey through his artistic biography and filmography.

Jerry Lewis, 1926 - 2017

One of the 20th century's greatest artists—as a performer and as a film director—has died at age 91.

Movie Poster of the Week: 1970s Disaster Movies

The best of the era’s lurid and exclamatory one sheets in all their panicky glory.

Shelter and Sanctuary: Close-Up on Jorge Thielen Armand’s "La Soledad"

A poetic non-fiction film explores a house in Caracas once belonging to the filmmaker's family, emphasizing the deep meaning of "home."

Welcome to Hell: Close-Up on Camilo Restrepo's "Impression of a War"

Restrepo’s searching and excellent essay film is both a document of and contribution to Colombia's ongoing struggle against oblivion.

The Forgotten: Howard Hawks' "Tiger Shark" (1932)

An early Hawksian study of friendship degenerates into manic melodrama, but "Tiger Shark" has some striking moments.

Review. Where Is This Getting Us? — Michael Winterbottom's "The Trip to Spain"

The third entry in the "Trip" franchise by Michael Winterbottom, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon is delectable and ludicrously overwrought.