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Dennis Keighron-Foster Introduces His and Amy Watson’s Film “Deep in Vogue”

“Vogue is a reaction to political and social oppression, it’s an externalized explosion of expression, a revolution of color and beauty…”

It’s a (Wo)man’s World: Close-Up on Isabella Eklöf’s “Holiday”

A woman’s vacation with gangsters at a Turkish resort reveals dark and complicated gender dynamics in Isabella Eklöf’s feature debut.

White Days, Broken Men: A Conversation with Hlynur Pálmason

From Cannes, the Icelandic director talks about his sophomore feature and Critics’ Week entry, “A White, White Day.”

A Straub-Huillet Companion: “Moses and Aaron”

One of Straub-Huillet’s most salacious and magnetic films takes as its subject the very idea of representation itself.

Foreplays #21: Watch Philippe Garrel’s “Rue Fontaine”

Philippe Garrel’s remarkably compressed short film stars Jean-Pierre Léaud in a story inspired by the tragic death of Jean Seberg.

Henry King: Beyond the American Dream

A newly translated text by Peter von Bagh, former Artistic Director of Il Cinema Ritrovato, for the festival’s Henry King retrospective.

Video Sundays: Victorian Voyeurism

Recommended viewing: The oldest surviving British erotic film, and its historical counterparts.

Capturing Myth: Close-Up on Steven Soderbergh’s “Che”

Seesawing between man and myth, Steven Soderbergh’s “Che” is a majestic two-part epic on the timeless icon

God Save the Queens: “Paris Is Burning” Returns

The landmark documentary about the drag ball scene and voguing battles of 1980s Harlem returns to cinemas in a new restoration.

The Sky is Falling: Bruno Dumont’s “CoinCoin and the Extra-Humans”

Bruno Dumont’s comic follow-up to “P’etit Quinquin” introduces a threat of alien invasion and human clones to the rural French countryside.

Moviegoing Memories: Asif Kapadia

The director of “Diego Maradona” tells us about his favorite cinema and the most memorable movie-going experience of his life.

The Forgotten: Love’s Struggle Through the Ages

Robin Williams plays five men called Hector scattered throughout human history in Bill Forsyth’s minimalist epic.