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Review. Caged In—Sofia Coppola's "The Beguiled"

Despite a sharp tackling of sexual politics and a laser-like focus on feminine desire, this remake nevertheless feels flattened.

My Country: Peter Nestler at the Film Society of Lincoln Center

An extensive series in New York is a major effort to make one of Germany's finest filmmakers better-known in the United States.

Sofia Coppola: The Specific Touch of Femininity

Over the course of her career, Sofia Coppola has developed a distinctive approach to her filmmaking—and an unabashed feminine perspective.

Movie Poster of the Week: New York in the 1970s in Polish Posters

Idiosyncratic, eccentric, beautiful, alluring, occasionally baffling and always strikingly different posters for 70s American classics

Video Essay. Greta Moves

A dance tapestry devoted to the movement, lanky figure and mesmerizing expression of Greta Gerwig.

Rushes. Robert Pattinson Covers, Apichatpong x Ryuichi Sakamoto, "Girls Gone Wild 1863"

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

All These Stories We Simply Can't Understand

This summer solstice, we revisit "Cléo from 5 to 7" to tour Paris in 1961, the French New Wave, and the cinema of Agnès Varda.

"Twin Peaks," Episode 7 Recap: …And That's Enough Said About That

There's a certain delight in being deceived by an artist you love, as long as truth comes out of the con.

Bergman's Spell

Ingmar, you are my most favorite filmmaker.

The Human Beast: Three Films by Jacques Becker

One of the last great classicists in French cinema was at total ease with a striking range of genres, from gangster film to fashion drama.

FILMADRID & MUBI Present: The Video Essay

A new section offers a platform and visibility for video essays finding innovative ways to study the history of cinema.

Meaning and Madness: Close-Up on Luis Buñuel's "Viridiana" and "The Exterminating Angel"

Buñuel skewers the status quo with taboo imagery and disturbing scenarios involving sexual mania, religious hypocrisy, and social savagery.