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Movie Poster of the Week: 60s Verité

Posters for a new series chronicling the chroniclers of a tumultuous decade.

"The X-Files," Season 11, Episode 3 Recap: Back To Our Bread And Butter

The writers are using Mulder and Scully as vehicles to explore what happens when love is past its prime.

Examined Lives: The Films of Krzysztof Zanussi

A new retrospective showcases one of the most important Polish filmmakers.

"Star Wars" Dialogue: V. Revision

The dialogue on "Star Wars" concludes with a discussion over George Lucas's continual revision and re-releasing of his own films.

Video Essay. Being the Boss: Jerry Lewis, Reassembled

The boardroom sequence from "The Errand Boy" is one of Jerry Lewis’s finest achievements. This video highlights what makes it so special.

The Current Debate: Character Limits in Spielberg's "The Post"

The feminism of Steven Spielberg’s new film is just short of satisfying.

"Star Wars" Dialogue: IV. The Griffith Legacy

The dialogue on "Star Wars" continues with a discussion over the influence of D.W. Griffith and silent cinema on George Lucas's films.

The Forgotten: Tatsuya Nakadai Catches Hell

In "Portrait of Hell", a Japanese feudal lord and a Korean artist engage in a battle of wills ending in death and madness.

Rushes. Republic Rediscovered, Argento on "Suspiria", Tribute to Straub

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Review: Scott Bound—Ridley Scott’s "All the Money in the World"

Ridley Scott phones it in. Where is Tony when you need him?

"Star Wars" Dialogue: III. Art and Technology

The dialogue on "Star Wars" continues with a discussion over the role of technology in the art of cinema.

"Star Wars" Dialogue: II. Avant-Garde vs. Classical

The dialogue on "Star Wars" continues with a discussion over if (and how) George Lucas's films can be considered avant-garde or classical.