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Great Veteran Cinematic Back Room People (eg. Cinematographers, Editors) Still Alive (And Their Best Achievement)

by Danny Bailey
Great Veteran Cinematic Back Room People (eg. Cinematographers, Editors) Still Alive (And Their Best Achievement) by Danny Bailey
This list is subject to change for 1 of 2 reasons: 1. I see a better achievement from the person 2. The person passes on John Williams – Film Composer (Star Wars) Pierre Cardin – Costume Designer (Beauty And The Beast) Marge Champion – Animation Model (Fantasia) Walter Mirisch – Producer (West Side Story) Albert Wolsky – Costume Designer (All That Jazz) Ann Roth – Costume Designer (Murder By Death) Lalo Schifrin – Film Composer (Voyage Of The Damned) Gerald Fried – Film Composer (The Killing) Mikis Theodorakis – Film Composer (Zorba The Greek) Richard Sherman – Film Songwriter (Mary Poppins) Jerome Hellman – Producer (Midnight… Read more

This list is subject to change for 1 of 2 reasons:
1. I see a better achievement from the person
2. The person passes on

John Williams – Film Composer (Star Wars)
Pierre Cardin – Costume Designer (Beauty And The Beast)
Marge Champion – Animation Model (Fantasia)
Walter Mirisch – Producer (West Side Story)
Albert Wolsky – Costume Designer (All That Jazz)
Ann Roth – Costume Designer (Murder By Death)
Lalo Schifrin – Film Composer (Voyage Of The Damned)
Gerald Fried – Film Composer (The Killing)
Mikis Theodorakis – Film Composer (Zorba The Greek)
Richard Sherman – Film Songwriter (Mary Poppins)
Jerome Hellman – Producer (Midnight Cowboy)
Frederic Raphael – Screenwriter (Darling)
Leslie Bricusse – Film Songwriter (Scrooge)
Roger Deakins – Cinematographer (No Country For Old Men)
Anthony Powell – Costume Designer (Death On The Nile)
Ronald Harwood – Screenwriter (The Dresser)
Lawrence Turman – Producer (The Graduate)
Robert Towne – Screenwriter (Chinatown)
Jean-Claude Carriere – Screenwriter (The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie)
Dean Tavoularis – Production Designer (The Godfather)
Edward Bond – Screenwriter (Walkabout)
Walter Bernstein – Screenwriter (The Front)
Stephen Sondheim – Film/Broadway Songwriter (West Side Story)
Bill Butler – Cinematographer (The Conversation)
John Bloom – Editor (Gandhi)
James B. Harris – Producer (Paths Of Glory)
Phyllis Dalton – Costume Designer (Doctor Zhivago)
Andrew Davies – Screenwriter (House Of Cards)
Billy Williams – Cinematographer (Gandhi)
Gerald Potterton (also Director), Paul Driessen (also Director), Mark Kausler, Robert Alvarez and Ron Campbell – Animator (Yellow Submarine)
Bob Singer – Animator (The Mouse That Jack Built)
Michael Kahn – Editor (Fatal Attraction)
Alan Heim – Editor (Network)
Giuseppe Rotunno – Cinematographer (Amarcord)
Francis Veber – Screenwriter (later Director) (La Cage Aux Folles)
David Seidler – Screenwriter (The King’s Speech)
Roy Naisbitt, Jane Baer and Dale Baer – Animator (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Tom Stoppard and Charles McKeown – Screenwriter (Brazil)
Robert C. Jones – Editor (It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World)
Bo Goldman – Screenwriter (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)
Peter Lamont – Production Designer (Titanic)
Quincy Jones – Film Composer (The Pawnbroker)
Alan Marshall – Producer (Pink Floyd The Wall)
Irwin Winkler – Producer (also Director) (Goodfellas)
Alberto Grimaldi – Producer (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly)
Albert Ruddy – Producer (The Godfather)
Ahmed Rachedi and Jacques Perrin (also Actor) – Producer (Z)
John Corigliano – Film Composer (The Red Violin)
Veit Heduschka and Margaret Ménégoz – Producer (Amour)
Tony Walton – Art Director/Costume Designer (Murder On The Orient Express)
Philip Rosenberg – Production Designer (Network)
Vittorio Storaro – Cinematographer (Reds)
Chris Menges – Cinematographer (The Mission)
Herbie Hancock – Film Composer (‘Round Midnight)
Stanley R. Jaffe – Producer (Kramer Vs. Kramer)
Philip Glass – Film Composer (Notes On A Scandal)
Martin Rosen – Producer (later Director) (Women In Love)
Roger Graef – Producer (Pleasure At Her Majesty’s)
Rolf Zehetbauer – Production Designer/Art Director (Cabaret)
Bo Christensen and Benni Korzen – Producer (Babette’s Feast)
Fred Roos – Producer (The Godfather Part II)
Norma Heyman – Producer (Mrs. Henderson Presents)
Laurence Rosenthal – Film Composer (Becket)
Giorgio Moroder – Film Composer (Midnight Express)
Joan Tewkesbury – Screenwriter (Nashville)
Luciana Arrighi and Ian Whitaker – Production Designer (Sense And Sensibility)
Norman Reynolds – Production Designer (Star Wars)
Stuart Craig – Production Designer (The Elephant Man)
Claude Lelouch (also Director) and Pierre Uytterhoeven – Screenwriter (A Man And A Woman)
Don Black – Film Songwriter (Born Free)
John Cameron – Film Composer/Conductor (The Ruling Class)
Martial Solal – Film Composer (Breathless)
Paul Mayersberg – Screenwriter (The Man Who Fell To Earth)
Jean Penzer – Cinematographer (The Devil By The Tail)
Alan Bennett – Screenwriter (The Madness Of King George)
David H. DePatie – Film Producer (The Pink Phink)
Dick Clement (also director) and Ian La Fresnais – Screenwriter (Still Crazy)
Arnold Schulman – Screenwriter (And The Band Played On)
Charles Strouse – Film Composer (Bonnie And Clyde)
Lynn Stalmaster – Casting Director (The Killing of Sister George)
Suzanne Baron – Editor (Murmur Of The Heart)
Sheldon Harnick – Film/Broadway Songwriter (Fiddler On The Roof)
Marin Karmitz – Producer (Three Colors: Red)
Douglas Trumbull and Con Pederson – Special Effects (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Lee Adams – Songwriter (Bye Bye Birdie)
Donald McAlpine – Cinematographer (Breaker Morant)
Arthur Schmidt – Editor (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Donn Cambern – Editor (Easy Rider)
Phil Roman – Animator (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)
Walter Murch – Editor (The Unbearable Lightness Of Being)
Willie Ito – Animator (What’s Opera Doc)
John Kander – Film/Broadway Songwriter (Cabaret)
Mario Morra – Editor (The Battle Of Algiers)
Art Leonardi – Animator (later Director) (Shiskabugs)
John Irving – Screenwriter (The Cider House Rules)
Owen Roizman – Cinematographer (The French Connection)
Peter Suschitzky – Cinematographer (Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of the Jedi)
Dave Grusin – Film Composer (The Goodbye Girl)
Roy Clarke – Screenwriter (A Foreign Field)
Norman T. Herman – Producer (The Legend Of Hell House)
Willy Kurant – Cinematographer (Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii)
Michael Deeley – Producer (The Deer Hunter)
Marshall Brickman – Screenwriter (Annie Hall)
Theodor Pistek – Costume Designer (Amadeus)
Jenny Beaven and John Bright – Costume Designer (A Room With A View)
Don Iwerks – Camera Technician (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea)
Richard Edlund, Dennis Muren and Harrison Ellenshaw – Special Effects (Star Wars)
Alan Ladd Jr. – Producer (A Severed Head)
Monty Norman and Vic Flick – Film Composer (Dr. No)
Joe Siracusa – Editor (Icarus Montgolfier Wright)
Fred Wolf – Producer/Animator (The Box)
Henri Lanoë – Editor (Mr. Klein)
Marina Cicogna – Producer (Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion)
David Puttnam – Producer (Chariots Of Fire)
Joe Hale, Doris Plough, John Ewing and Rolly Crump – Animator (One Hundred And One Dalmatians)
Ruthie Tompson – Animator (Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs)
Walter/Wendy Carlos – Film Composer (A Clockwork Orange)
Anthony Pratt – Production Designer (Hope And Glory)
Herbert Kretzmer, Alain Boubil and Claude-Michel Schonberg – Film/Broadway Composer (Les Miserables)
Michael Nyman – Film Composer (The Piano)
Dante Spinotti – Cinematographer (The Last Of The Mohicans)
Milena Canonero – Costume Designer (Barry Lyndon)
Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo – Art Director (The Age Of Innocence)
Dick Pope – Cinematographer (Mr. Turner)
Gerry O’Hara – Assistant Director (later Director) (The L Shaped Room)
Alan and Marilyn Bergman – Film Songwriters (Same Time Next Year)
Peter Howitt – Production Designer/Set Decorator (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
David Amram – Film Composer (The Manchurian Candidate)
Chris Newman – Sound Mixer (The Exorcist)
Philip Harrison – Art Director (How I Won The War)
Dean Spille – Animator (The Hat)
Alan Withy – Art Director (O Lucky Man)
Alan Price – Film Composer (O Lucky Man)
Floyd Norman and Sylvia Roemer – Animator (The Jungle Book)
John Antrobus – Screenwriter (The Bed Sitting Room)
Walon Green – Screenwriter (The Wild Bunch)
Amanda Schull – Casting Director (Murder By Death)
David M. Walsh – Cinematographer (Murder By Death)
Jerry Eisenberg – Animator (Charlotte’s Web)
Victor J. Kemper – Cinematographer (Dog Day Afternoon)
Russell Boyd – Cinematographer (Picnic At Hanging Rock)
Daniele Thompson – Screenwriter (Queen Margot)
Gabriella Pescucci – Costume Designer (The Age Of Innocence)
Jorn Donner – Screenwriter/Producer (also Director) (Fanny And Alexander)
Anna Asp – Costume Designer (Fanny And Alexander)
Per Holst – Producer (Pelle The Conqueror)
Jorgen Persson – Producer (Pelle The Conqueror)
Laurie Johnson – Film Composer (Dr. Strangelove)
Elliot Lawrence – Film Composer (Network)
Nicola Piovani – Film Composer (Life Is Beautiful)
Peter Biziou – Cinematographer (The Truman Show)
Tony Pierce-Roberts – Cinematographer (A Room With A View)
Philippe Rousselot – Cinematographer (Queen Margot)
Paul Hirsch, Marcia Lucas and Richard Chew – Editor (Star Wars)
Anthony Richmond – Cinematographer (Let It Be)
Geoffrey Kirkland – Production Designer (Fame)
Raymond Briggs – Screenwriter (When The Wind Blows)
Osvaldo Desideri – Art Director (The Last Emperor)
Santo Loquasto – Production Designer (Bullets Over Broadway)
Albert Brenner – Production Designer (The Goodbye Girl)
Al Kasha – Film Songwriter (The Poseidon Adventure)
Deric Washburn and Quinn K. Redecker – Screenwriter (The Deer Hunter)
Murray Schisgal – Screenwriter (Tootsie)
John Guare – Screenwriter (Atlantic City)
Robert Watts – Producer (Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back)
Michael Shamberg – Producer (The Big Chill)
Stuart Baird – Editor (Tommy)
Tom Priestley – Editor (Marat/Sade)
Blasco Giurato – Cinematographer (Cinema Paradiso)
Slawomir Idziak – Cinematographer (Three Colors: Blue)
Michael Seresin – Editor (Fame)
Tak Fujimoto – Cinematographer (The Silence Of The Lambs)
James Acheson – Costume Designer (The Last Emperor)
Lindy Hemming – Costume Designer (Topsy-Turvy)
Renato Berta – Cinematographer (Au Revoir, Les Enfants)
Eduardo Serra – Cinematographer (The Wings Of The Dove)
Corinne Jorry – Costume Designer (Three Colors: Red)
Suzanne Baker – Producer (Leisure)
Gudrun Parker – Screenwriter (The Stratford Adventure)
Arnon Milchan – Producer (Brazil)
John Bailey – Cinematographer (Ordinary People)
Sylvette Baudrot – Script Supervisor (Léon: The Professional)
Michael Seresin – Cinematographer (Midnight Express)
Carol Littleton – Editor (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)
Joel Cox – Editor (Unforgiven)
Frank J. Urioste – Editor (What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?)
Richard Halsey – Editor (Rocky)
Angelo Badalamenti – Film Composer (Twin Peaks)
Pino Donaggio – Film Composer (Don’t Look Now)
Eleanor Bergstein – Screenwriter (Dirty Dancing)
Jonathan Tunick – Film Composer/Conductor (Blazing Saddles)
Jules Feiffer – Screenwriter (Carnal Knowledge)
Félix Monti – Cinematographer (The Official Story)
Bruce Bickford – Animator (Baby Snakes)
Ted White – Stuntman (Planet Of The Apes)
Caleb Deschanel – Cinematographer (Being There)
Stephen Goldblatt – Cinematographer (The Help)
Buddy Van Horn – Stuntman (It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World)
David Williamson – Screenwriter (Don’s Party)
Burtt Harris – Producer (The Verdict)
Jon Peters – Producer (Clue)
Tony Bill – Producer (The Sting)
Kelvin Pike – Cinematographer (The Dresser)
Twyla Tharp – Choreographer (Amadeus)
Eleni Karaindrou – Film Composer (Ulysses’ Gaze)
Giorgos Arvanitis – Cinematographer (Ulysses’ Gaze)
Douglas Milsome – Cinematographer (Full Metal Jacket)
Edward Lachman – Cinematographer (Carol)
Carl Davis – Film Composer (The Naked Civil Servant)
Humphrey Dixon – Editor (A Room With A View)
Peter Honess – Editor (L.A. Confidential)
Dennis Virkler, David Finfer, Dean Goodhill and Richard Nord – Editor (The Fugitive)
Tariq Anwar – Editor (The King’s Speech)
Jost Vacano – Cinematographer (Total Recall)
Trevor Griffiths – Screenwriter (Reds)
Gianni Quaranta – Production Designer (A Room With A View)
Arthur Cohn – Producer (Dangerous Moves)
Adam Greenberg – Cinematographer (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)
Roger Pratt – Cinematographer (Brazil)
Robert Fraisse – Cineamtographer (Citizen X)
Ron Geesin – Film Composer (Sunday Bloody Sunday)
Graeme Clifford – Editor (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Peter Boyle – Editor (The Hours)
Joseph McGrath – Screenwriter (also Director) (Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel))
Colleen Atwood – Costume Designer (Chicago)
J. Roy Helland – Makeup Artist (Sophie’s Choice)
Bruce Robinson – Screenwriter (Withnail And I)
Willy Russell – Screenwriter (Educating Rita)
Krzysztof Piesiewicz – Screenwriter (Three Colors: Red)
Sheldon Kahn – Editor (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)
Anthea Sylbert – Costume Designer (Chinatown)
Tamara Asseyev – Producer (I Wanna Hold Your Hand)
Normand Rodger – Film Composer/Sound Editor (The Man Who Planted Trees)
Norton Juster – Screenwriter (The Dot And The Line: A Romance In Double Mathematics)
Oscar Grillo and Anne Jolliffe – Animator (Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel))
Vera Linnecar – Animator (The Do-It-Yourself Cartoon Kit)
Lillian Michelson – Film Researcher (History Of The World: Part 1)
Betty A. Griffin – Script Supervisor (Days Of Wine And Roses)
Joe Dunne – Stuntman (Help!)
Nicholas Meyer – Screenwriter (also Director) (The Seven Percent Solution)
Fred Schuler – Cinematographer (The King Of Comedy)
David Brockhurst – Art Director (A Delicate Balance)
James Rado – Film Composer/Songwriter (Hair)
Burny Mattinson, Ron Husband and Carl Bell – Animator (Beauty And The Beast)
Lew Ott, Cosmo Anzilotti and Milton Gray – Animator (Fritz The Cat)
Don Bluth – Animator (later Director) (The Sword In The Stone)
Edna Jacobs – Animator ((Blooper) Bunny!)
Robert Schafer – Animator (Heavy Metal)
Ken Mundie – Animator/Title Designer (The Great Race)
Thom Noble – Editor (Witness)
Lesley Walker – Editor (Shadowlands)
Jacques Witta – Editor (Three Colors: Red)
Arsène Souffriau – Film Composer (Operation X-7)
Paul Heller – Producer (Withnail And I)
David Frishberg – Film Songwriter (I’m Just A Bill)
Sam Jaimes – Animator (The Lord Of The Rings)
Allan Burns – Screenwriter (A Little Romance)
Doug Crane – Animator (Beavis And Butt-Head Do America)
Dave Brain – Animator (The Rescuers)
Roger McGough – Screenwriter (Yellow Submarine)
Bob Abrams – Animator (Forbidden Planet)
Gerald Scarfe – Animatior (Pink Floyd: The Wall)
Brian Morris – Art Director (Pink Floyd: The Wall)
Allan Scott – Screenwriter (Don’t Look Now)
Jules Fisher – Lighting Designer (Chicago)
Stan Hayward – Screenwriter (Small Talk)
Ian Wilson – Cinematographer (The Crying Game)
Christian Berger – Cinematographer (The White Ribbon)
Ricou Browning and Bill Stropahl – Stuntman (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea)
Robert Klane – Author/Screenwriter (Where’s Poppa?)
Sonny Rollins – Film Composer (Alfie)
Xaver Schwarzenberger – Cinematographer (Lola)
Lawrence Gordon – Producer (Boogie Nights)
Lionel Chetwynd – Screenwriter/Producer (The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz)
Brian West – Cinematographer (The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz)
Andrew Dickson – Film Composer (Secrets & Lies)
Julian Mitchell – Screenwriter (Wilde)
Timothy Gee – Editor (The Stepford Wives)
Si Litvinoff – Producer (A Clockwork Orange)
John Quested – Producer (All The Right Noises)
Wally Byatt – Camera Operator (Marat/Sade)
Sally Jacobs – Costume Designer (Marat/Sade)
Christopher Gunning – Film Composer (La Vie En Rose)
Joseph Musso – Art Director (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)
Bruno Nuytten – Cinematographer (later Director) (Possession)
Ingrid Zore – Costume Designer (Possession)
Andrzej Korzynski – Film Composer (Possession)
Gerald R. Molen – Producer (Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party)
Heywood Gould – Screenwriter (The Boys From Brazil)
Alejandro Jodorowsky – Screenwriter (also Director) (El Topo)
Milton Glaser – Animator (Mickey Mouse In Vietnam)
Patrick J. Palmer – Producer (Fiddler On The Roof)
Herman Raucher – Screenwriter (Sweet November)
Leonard Engelman – Makeup Artist (Ghostbusters)
Gary Goldman – Screenwriter (also Director) (The Secret Of NIMH)
Frank Price – Producer (Rich Man, Poor Man)
Guy Dufaux – Cinematographer (The Barbarian Invasions)
Judd Bernard – Producer (Deep End)
Giorgio Armani – Costume Designer (The Untouchables)
Michael White – Art Director (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Marcia Nasatir – Producer (The Big Chill)
Tommy Morgan – Film Score Musician (Blazing Saddles)
Nikita Mikhalkov – Screenwriter (also Director) (Burnt By The Sun)
Curtis Clark – Cinematographer (The Draughtsman’s Contract)
Javier Aguirresarobe – Cinematographer (Talk To Her)
Dolores Claman – Film Composer (A Place To Stand)
Ronald L. Schwary – Producer (Ordinary People)
Jeff Kanew – Editor (Ordinary People)
Istvan Szabo (also Director) and Israel Horovitz – Screenwriter (Sunshine)
Carl Gottlieb – Screenwriter (also Director) (The Jerk)
Wolf Kroeger – Production Designer (The Last Of The Mohicans)
Angela Allen – Script Supervisor/Continuity Editor (The African Queen)
Harold Wheeler – Film/Broadway Composer (Dreamgirls)
David Hare – Screenwriter (The Hours)
Bruce Broughton – Film Composer (Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation)
Rick Baker, Yolanda Toussieng and Ve Neill – Makeup Artist (Ed Wood)
Jan Chapman – Producer (The Piano)
Alan Menken – Film Songwriter (Beauty And The Beast)
John Du Prez – Film Composer (A Fish Called Wanda)
John Williams – Film Score Musician (A Fish Called Wanda)
Benny Golson – Film Composer (Stop Driving Us Crazy)
Dolores Cannata – Animator (The Information Machine)
Larry McMurtry – Screenwriter (Terms Of Endearment)
Norman Spencer – Producer/Production Manager (Oliver Twist)
John Glen – Editor (also Director) (A Doll’s House)
Brian Johnson – Visual Effects Artist (The Empire Strikes Back)
Pamela Mann – Script Supervisor/Continuity Editor (The Empire Strikes Back)
Michael Stevenson – Assistant Director (The Shining)
Howard Blake – Film Composer (The Duelists)
Sanford Lieberson – Producer (That’ll Be The Day)
Denis Fraser – Camera Grip (Chariots Of Fire)
John Goldstone – Producer (Monty Python And The Holy Grail)
Gavrik Losey – Producer/Production Manager (If…)
Michael Bradsell – Editor (Women In Love)
Roger Murray-Leach – Production Designer (A Fish Called Wanda)
Art Linson – Producer (The Untouchables)
Ricardo Aronovich – Cinematographer (Murmur Of The Heart)
Eric Roth – Screenwriter (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)
Mark Peploe – Screenwriter (The Last Emperor)
Mike Molloy – Cinematographer (Glastonbury Fayre)
William Kraft – Film Score Musician (North By Northwest)
Irene Lamb – Casting Director (Star Wars)
Melvyn Bragg – Producer/Writer/Editor (It All Started With A Mouse: The Disney Story)
Dick Hyman – Film Composer (The Purple Rose Of Cairo)
Bob Harris – Stuntman (Bonnie And Clyde)
Roy Watts – Editor (Kes)
Tony de Zarraga – Editor (Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones)
Peter Wooley – Production Designer (Blazing Saddles)
Mel Brooks (also Director), Andrew Bergman and Norman Steinberg – Screenwriter (Blazing Saddles)
David Niven Jr. – Producer (That’s Dancing)
Werner Nold – Editor (Games of the XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976)
Dan Wallin – Music Editor (Woodstock)
Bertil Ohlsson – Producer (Amadeus)
Jack Heiter – Animator (Sailing And Village Band)
Geoff Bartz – Editor (Boy Interrupted)
Michel Seydoux – Producer (Jodorowsky’s Dune)
Michael Stevenson – Assistant Director (The Shining)
Brian Smedley-Aston – Editor (Girl With Green Eyes)
Chris Barber – Film Composer (Look Back In Anger)
Bill Klages – Cinematographer (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street)
Sally Stevens – Film Score Musician (Doctor Zhivago)
Andjelko Klobucar – Film Composer (Woof Woof)
René Levert – Sound Designer (Day For Night)
Seamus Flannery – Art Director (The Wicker Man)
Arvo Nuut – Producer/Cinematographer (The Nail)
Ry Cooder – Film Composer (Paris Texas)
Michael Chapman – Cinematographer (The Last Waltz)
Burt Bacharach – Film Composer/Songwriter (What’s New Pussycat)
Helena Lebdusková – Editor (About Master Hanus)
George Folsey Jr. – Cinematographer/Producer (National Lampoon’s Animal House)
Ruth Myers – Costume Designer (The Ruling Class)
Michael Phillips – Producer (The Sting)
Hampton Fancher and David Peoples – Screenwriter (Blade Runner)
Nick Bosustow – Producer (The Giving Tree)
Bhanu Athaiya – Costume Designer (Gandhi)
Jan Troell (also Director) and Bengt Forslund – Screenwriter (The Emigrants)
Ann Mollo – Production Designer (The Hunger)
Frederick Elmes – Cinematographer (Blue Velvet)
Hiro Narita – Cinematographer (James And The Giant Peach)
Donald M. Morgan – Cinematographer (I Wanna Hold Your Hand)
Iraj Paran – Animator (Popcorn)
Jean-Claude Grumberg – Screenwriter (The Last Metro)
Rex Pyke – Editor (The Homecoming)
Eleanor Dahlen and Eve Fletcher – Animator (The Little Mermaid)
Virginia Fleener – Animator (The Three Caballeros)
Lou Adler – Producer (Monterrey Pop)
Bob Harris – Stuntman (Bonnie And Clyde)
Bob Herron – Stuntman (The Ten Commandments)
Alexander Singer – Producer (also Director) (The Killing)
Françoise Javet – Editor (King Of Hearts)
Charly Steinberger – Cinematographer (Deep End)
Barrie Vince – Editor (Deep End)
Sheila Nevins – Producer (Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds)
Marvin March – Art Director (Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask)
Jan Harlan – Producer (The Shining)
Gerald Di Pego – Screenwriter (A Family Upside Down)
Bruce Bilson – Assistant Director (also Director) (One Potato, Two Potato)
Mace Neufeld – Producer (The Omen)
Carlo Lastricati – Assistant Director (The Taming Of The Shrew)
Mario Vulpiani – Cinematographer (The Big Feast)
Claude Bolling – Film Composer (Louisiana)
John Wilder – Producer/Screenwriter (Centennial)
Patrick Williams – Film Composer (Breaking Away)
Jean Moussette – Editor/Cameraman (M. Hulot’s Holiday)
Douglas Kirkland – Camera Operator (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Tristan Fry – Film Score Musician (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
Alain Dostie – Cinematographer (The Red Violin)
Peter Mullins – Art Director (King And Country)
Brian Blamey – Sound Editor (A Clockwork Orange)
John Blezard – Production Designer (The Deer Hunter)
Beryl Vertue – Producer (Tommy)
Kenneth Wannberg – Film Composer/Music Editor (The Last Waltz)
Gabriel Yared – Film Composer (The Talented Mr. Ripley)
Marc Wilkinson – Film Composer (If…)
Mike Fash – Cinematographer (The Naked Civil Servant)
Marvin J. Chomsky – Producer (also Director) (Death Of A Salesman)
Anne-Marie Cotret – Editor (Donkey Skin)
Christopher Hobbs – Production Designer (Velvet Goldmine)
Peter Snell – Producer (The Wicker Man)
Peter Jessop – Cinematographer (G.B.H.)
René Dupont – Producer (A Christmas Story)
Ivan King – Art Director (Village Of The Damned)
David Gladwell – Editor (If…)
John Richardson – Visual Effects Designer (Aliens)
Colin Miller – Sound Editor (10 Rillington Place)
Rocky Taylor – Stuntman (Titanic)
Roger Christian and Leslie Dilley – Production Designer (Alien)
Brian Johnson and Nick Allder – Visual Effects Designer (Alien)
Derrick Leather – Sound Editor (The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner)
Matt Carroll – Producer (Breaker Morant)
Kenith Trodd – Producer (The Singing Detective)
Inger Pehrsson – Costume Designer (Autumn Sonata)
Pierre Mignot – Cinematographer (Secret Honor)
Aurore Chabrol – Script Supervisor (Cleo From 5 To 7)
John Blezard – Production Designer (The Deer Hunter)
Stanislaw Loth – Cinematographer (The Face Of An Angel)
Irmin Schmidt – Film Composer (Can)
Alain Goraguer – Film Composer (The Snails)
Thomas Mauch – Cinematographer (Aguirre, The Wrath Of God)
Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus – Editor (Aguirre, The Wrath Of God)
Philippe Sarde – Film Composer (Quest For Fire)
Yves Langlois – Editor (Quest For Fire)
Desmond Morris – Advisor (Quest For Fire)
Jaromír Sofr – Cinematographer (Closely Watched Trains)
William F. Nolan – Novelist/Screenwriter (Logan’s Run)
Ian Underwood – Film Score Musician (Titanic)
Max Lemon – Editor (Picnic At Hanging Rock)
Dobroslav Srámek – Sound Editor (The Shop On Main Street)
Dick Richards – Producer (also Director) (Tootsie)
Michel Fano – Film Composer/Sound Editor (Trans-Europ-Express)
Jacques Maumont – Sound Editor (Possession)
Françoise Collin – Editor (Band Of Outsiders)
Peter Yeldham – Screenwriter (Age Of Consent)
Vasilis Vasilikos – Novelist/Screenwriter (Z)
Yann Dedet – Editor (Day For Night)
Claude de Givray – Screenwriter (also Director) (Stolen Kisses)
Bernard Toublanc-Michel – Assistant Director (also Director) (Cleo From 5 To 7)
Peter Musgrave – Sound Editor (The Innocents)
Kenneth Hyman – Producer (Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?)
Patrick Modiano – Screenwriter (Lacombe, Lucien)
Sanford Rackow – Sound Editor (Dog Day Afternoon)
Antonio Skármeta – Screenwriter (Il Postino)
Jaromír Janácek – Editor (The Shop On Main Street)
Emanuel Azenberg – Producer (Long Day’s Journey Into Night)
Fausto Ancillai – Sound Editor (The Good The Bad And The Ugly)
Ron Carter – Film Composer/Score Musician (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)
Terence Macartney-Filgate – Cinematographer (also Director) (Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One)
Wayne Shorter and Bill Holman – Film Score Musician (Glengarry Glen Ross)
Paul Glass – Film Composer (Bunny Lake Is Missing)
John Furniss – Costume Designer (Sleuth)
Arié Dzierlatka – Film Composer (Mon Oncle D’Amerique)
Mark Berger – Sound Editor (Amadeus)
Pierre-William Glenn – Cinematographer (Day For Night)
Alec Mills – Cinematographer (Return Of The Jedi)
Yves Rousset-Rouard – Producer (A Little Romance)
Edna O’Brien – Novelist/Screenwriter (Girl With Green Eyes)
Zdenka Deitchová – Production Manager (In The Night Kitchen)
George Dreyfus – Film Composer (Tender Mercies)
Mark Forstater – Producer (Monty Python And The Holy Grail)
Jean-Jacques Debout – Film Composer (Masculin Feminin)
Elemér Ragályi – Cinematographer (Rasputin)
Pierre Grunstein – Producer (Queen Margot)
Hélène Plemiannikov – Editor (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie)
Lionel Strutt – Sound Designer (Chariots Of Fire)
Jean Baronnet – Sound Designer (also Director) (A Man And A Woman)
Gerald Isenberg – Producer (Forbidden)
Michael Gruskoff – Producer (Quest For Fire)
Sue Yelland – Costume Designer (The Wicker Man)
Alan Tomkins – Art Director (The Empire Strikes Back)
Eve Fletcher – Animator (Alice In Wonderland)
Ron Cobb – Concept Artist (Alien)
Luciano Tovoli – Cinematographer (Reversal Of Fortune)
Petros Markaris – Screenwriter (Ulysess’ Gaze)
Billy Goldenberg – Film Composer (King)
Ben Rayner – Editor (A Christmas Carol)
Bill Mosher – Editor (Twilight Zone: Time Enough At Last)
Robert Porter – Assistant Director/Production Manager/Producer (The Producers)
Maurice Marks – Stuntman (Murder By Death)
Ivy Baker – Costume Designer (The Tales Of Hoffmann)
Richard Goodwin – Producer (Romeo And Juliet)
Nico Crama – Producer (also Director) (Oh My Darling)
Max Morgan Witts – Author/Screenwriter/Producer (also Director) (Voyage Of The Damned)
Adam Holender – Cinematographer (Midnight Cowboy)
Humphrey Burton – Producer (also Director) (Shelagh Delaney’s Salford)
Skip Craig – Sound Editor/Film Editor (The Great Rights)
Julian Barry – Playwright/Screenwriter (Eyes Of Laura Mars)
Les Fresholtz – Sound Mixer (Blazing Saddles)
John Aldred – Sound Mixer (Anne Of The Thousand Days)
John Furniss – Costume Designer (The Go-Between)
Alfred R. Kelman – Producer (also Director) (A Christmas Carol)
Jonathan Sanger – Producer (The Elephant Man)
Robert Greenhut – Producer (Hannah And Her Sisters)
Warren Beatty (also Actor and Director) and Elaine May (also Actor and Director – Screenwriter (Heaven Can Wait)
Peter Berkos – Sound Editor (Slap Shot)
Jim Danforth – Special Effects (The Twilight Zone Movie)
Saadi Yacef – Producer (The Battle Of Algiers)
Ken Muggleston – Art Director (Oliver)
Raffaele La Capria – Novelist/Screenwriter (also Actor) (Christ Stopped At Eboli)
Jim Dale and Tom Springfield – Film Songwriter (Georgy Girl)
Bruce Smeaton – Film Composer (Picnic At Hanging Rock)
Douglas S. Cramer – Producer (QB VII)
Martin Starger – Producer (Nashville)
Edward S. Feldman – Producer (The Truman Show)
Marvin G. Westmore – Makeup Artist (Blade Runner)
Roberto Perpignani – Editor (Il Postino)
Monte Hellman – Producer (also Director) (Reservoir Dogs)
John Seale – Cinematographer (The English Patient)
John Frankau – Producer (also Director) (A Voyage Round My Father)
Derek Granger – Producer (Brideshead Revisited)
Tom Sachs – Production Manager (Fright)
Anne-Marie Cotret – Editor (The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg)
Nigel Wooll – Producer (The Dresser)
Nicholas Gage – Producer (Eleni)
Lynne Reid Banks – Novelist/Screenwriter (The L-Shaped Room)
Kenout Peltier – Editor (Viva Maria)
Osamu Inoue – Editor (Lady Snowblood)
Don Challis – Sound Editor (Tom Jones)
Jean-Paul Schwartz – Cinematographer (Iran)
Paul Laffargue – Producer (Iran)
Bill Exter – Animator (The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie)
Michael Gruskoff – Producer (Young Frankenstein)
Tee Bosustow – Editor (Is It Always Right To Be Right?)
Donald Freed – Playwright/Screenwriter (Secret Honor)
Dee Dee Wood – Choreographer (The Sound Of Music)
Sven Fahlén – Sound Designer (Cries And Whispers)
Austen Spriggs – Production Designer (My Left Foot)
Robert Cartwright – Production Designer (Becket)
George DeTitta Sr. – Set Decorator (Hair)
Anna Senior – Costume Designer (My Brilliant Career)
April Ferry – Costume Designer (Don King: Made In America)
Ed Bogas – Film Composer (Fritz The Cat)
Peter Hannan – Cinematographer (Withnail And I)
Eugenio Alabiso – Editor (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly)
David Tringham – Assistant Producer (Voyage Of The Damned)
Jim Roddan – Sound Designer (Scandal)
Stanley Sopel – Producer (Dr. No)
John Hale – Screenwriter (Anne Of The Thousand Days)
Ned Rorem – Film Composer (Furies)
Gudrun Parker – Producer/Screenwriter (also Director) (The Stratford Adventure)
Graeme Ferguson – Cinematographer/Editor (also Director) (A Bowl Of Cherries)
Robert Verrall – Producer (also Director) (What On Earth!)
Athol Fugard – Playwright/Screenwriter (Tsotsi)
Claude Pelletier – Sound Editor (The Wish)
Shuntarô Tanikawa – Screenwriter (Visions Of Eight)
Ernst Wild and Arthur Wooster – Cinematographer (Visions Of Eight)
Elaine Schreyeck – Continuity Director (Hope And Glory)
Tim Harvey – Production Designer (Last Orders)
Jürgen Knieper – Film Composer (Wings Of Desire)
Jane Greenwood – Costume Designer (Medea)
Peter Gauhe – Cinematographer (Ali: Fear Eats The Soul)
Mike Le Mare – Sound Editor (Help!)
Bill Conti – Film Composer (The Right Stuff)
Derek Kavanagh – Producer (Miss Evers Boys)
Milan Kundera – Novelist/Screenwriter (The Unbearable Lightness Of Being)
Ken Westbury – Cinematographer (The Singing Detective)
Charles W. Fries – Producer (Cat People)
David Shire – Film Composer (The Conversation)

People whose cinematic achievements I have not seen:

Jack Couffer – Cinematographer
Norman Lear – Screenwriter
Angel Wagenstein – Screenwriter
Sydney Samuelson – Cinematographer and Producer
Norma Barzman – Screenwriter
Heinz Hölscher – Cinematographer
Anthony Buckley – Producer
Kent L. Wakeford – Cinematographer
Harry Manfredini – Film Composer
Klaus Doldinger – Film Composer
Jorge Arriagada – Film Composer
Emi Wada – Costume Designer
Masaharu Ueda – Cinematographer
Maurizio Millenotti – Costume Designer
Manlio Rocchetti – Makeup Artist
Robert Rehme – Producer
Giuseppe Lanci – Cinematographer
Jörgen Persson – Cinematographer
Joe Ruby – Producer and Editor
Ken Spears – Producer and Editor
Jules Bass – Producer, Film Composer and Editor
Norman Wanstall – Sound Editor
Alice Davis – Costume Designer
Howard Beckerman – Animator
Bob Kurtz – Animator
Kurt Luedtke – Screenwriter
Alfred Uhry – Screenwriter
Frank Galati – Screenwriter
Kevin Connor – Editor
Jean-Pierre Dorleac – Costume Designer
Roger L. Simon – Screenwriter
Yôji Yamada – Screenwriter
Franca Squarciapino – Screenwriter
Bob Mackie – Costume Designer
Al Jaffee – Animator
Leonard Glasser – Animator
Joanna Romersa – Animator
Don Jurwich – Animator
Gene Corman – Producer
Tony Benedict – Animator
Bill Matthews – Animator
John Kimball – Animator
Vinnie Bell – Animator
Martin Strudler – Animator
Bent Fabricius-Bjerre – Film Composer
Peter Schickele – Film Composer
Gilles Perrault – Screenwriter
Józef Hen – Screenwriter
Frank Hursh – Animator
Perry Wolff – Screenwriter/Producer
Dale Case – Animator
George Atkins – Screenwriter
Mel Keefer – Animator
Stan Waterman – Cinematographer
Ted Hartley – Producer
François Rabbath – Film Composer
Sherman Yellen – Screenwriter
Doug Goodwin – Film Composer
Sid Jacobson – Animator
Sergio Aragones – Animator
Les Colodny – Screenwriter
John Milius – Screenwriter (also Director)
Richard Gilbert – Producer (also Director)
Leo Sullivan – Animator
Gerard Soeteman – Producer/Screenwriter
Ronald Blythe – Screenwriter
Chang Yung-Hsiang – Screenwriter
Ivan Vandor – Film Composer
Phil Nimmons – Film Composer
Len Deighton – Author/Screenwriter
Roger Kellaway – Film Composer
Meyer Gottlieb – Producer
Elisabeth Waldo – Film Composer
Bill Kenwright – Producer
Daniel Haller – Art Director (also Director)
Ivry Gitlis – Film Composer/Film Score Musician
Jutta Hering – Editor
Sol Shulman – Screenwriter (also Director)
Wolfgang Kohlhaase – Screenwriter (also Director)
Robert Bassing – Screenwriter
Irma Kalish – Screenwriter
Christopher Knopf – Screenwriter
William Link – Screenwriter/Producer
John Scott – Film Composer
Michael Reed – Cinematographer
Eberhard Schoener – Film Composer
Richard Bonynge – Film Conductor
Lamberto Caimi – Cinematographer
Yoram Globus – Producer
Kevin Connor – Editor (also Director)
Miriam Nelson – Choreographer
Michael Craig – Screenwriter (also Actor)
Monika Schindler – Editor
Barney Rosenzweig – Producer
David L. Hewitt – Visual Effects Producer
Rob Houwer – Producer
Véra Belmont – Producer
Arne Glimcher – Producer
David Rudkin – Playwright/Screenwriter
R.O. Blechman – Animator/Producer
David Gurfinkel – Cinematographer
Charles Csuri – Animator
Carlo Martelli – Film Composer
Anthony Lawrence – Screenwriter
Andro Lusicic – Screenwriter
Paul S. Glass – Film Composer
John Scott – Film Composer
Bill Holman – Film Composer
Robert Hossein – Screenwriter (also Actor and Director)
Pat Silver – Screenwriter
Zdenka Deitchová – Production Manager
Lawrence Schiller – Producer (also Director)
Mike Vickers – Film Composer
Mark Damon – Producer (also Actor)
Eugenio Martin – Screenwriter (also Director)
Isidore Mankofsky – Cinematographer
Steven Poster – Cinematographer
Robert Primes – Cinematographer
Dov Seltzer – Film Composer
Luciano Ricceri – Production Designer
Michel Portal – Film Composer
Stanley Price – Screenwriter
Horst Hächler – Producer (also Director)
Gotz Heymann – Production Designer
Aldo Rossi – Screenwriter (also Director)
Art Diamond – Animator
Denise de Casabianca – Editor
Treva Silverman – Screenwriter
William Link – Screenwriter/Producer
Larry Leichliter – Animator (also Director)
Enid Wizig – Animator
Pete Hamill – Screenwriter
Dacia Maraini – Screenwriter
Günter Karl – Screenwriter
Hans Heinrich – Cinematographer
Heinz Röske – Production Designer
Manfred Purzer – Screenwriter (also Director)
Harry Booth – Editor (also Director)
Ugo Liberatore – Screenwriter (also Director)
Robin Vidgeon – Cinematographer
Henry Richardson – Editor
Robert Berger – Producer
Evangeline Harrison – Costume Designer
Erich Gruenberg – Film Score Musician/Conductor
William Kennedy – Novelist/Screenwriter
Paul Fierlinger – Animator (also Director)
Roger Marshall – Screenwriter
Éric Demarsan – Film Composer
Patrick Dromgoole – Producer (also Director)
Carlo Carlini – Cinematographer
Kenneth V. Jones – Film Composer
Lizzi Weischenfeldt – Editor
António da Cunha Telles – Producer
Manu Dibango – Film Composer
Zdenek Mahler – Screenwriter
Tony Anthony – Producer/Screenwriter
Edward and Valerie Abraham – Screenwriter
Eunice Mountjoy – Editor
Michel Portal – Film Composer
Fanny Kemenes – Costume Designer
Jirí Matolín – Production Designer
Peter Wester – Cinematographer
Elso Roque – Production Designer
Hans Burmann – Cinematographer
Gino Paoli – Film Composer
Darrell Lass – Production Designer
Peggy Seeger – Film Composer
Peter Pitt – Editor
Tamás Andor – Cinematographer
David Lee – Film Composer
Grisha Dabat – Screenwriter
Frédéric Devreese – Film Composer
Piotr Marczewski – Film Composer
Barbara Ptak – Costume Designer
Ted Childs – Producer
Gonzalo Suárez – Screenwriter (also Director)
Ernst Wild – Cinematographer
Judith Herzberg – Screenwriter
Fernando Arrabal – Screenwriter
Michael J. Lewis – Film Composer
Derek Horne – Producer
Éric Demarsan – Film Composer
Ousama Rawi – Cinematographer
Spencer Chapman – Production Designer
Véra Belmont – Producer
Hans Hammerschmid – Film Composer
Nino Borghi – Production Designer
Mimis Plessas – Film Composer
Nikos Kavoukidis – Cinematographer
Anthony Palk – Editor
Jaime Pérez Cubero – Production Designer
Stephen H. Burum – Cinematographer
Max Zihlmann – Screenwriter
Alfred Nathan – Producer
Halja Klaar – Production Designer
Edgar Morin – Screenwriter
Sergio Gobbi – Producer
Ivan Slapeta – Cinematographer
Arnold L. Miller – Producer (also Director)
Pat Jaffe – Producer/Editor
Pierre Lary – Producer (also Director)
Tony Forsberg – Cinematographer
Peter Baumgartner – Cinematographer
Amedeo Fago – Production Designer
Christoph Schneider – Production Designer
Sid and Marty Krofft – Producer/Screenwriter
Giora Feidman – Film Composer/Musician
Josef Valusiak – Editor
Michael Gibbs – Film Composer
Marek Nowicki – Cinematographer (also Director)
Josep Maria Forn – Producer (also Director)
Jerzy Matuszkiewicz – Film Composer
Noam Sheriff – Film Composer
Tim Wellburn – Editor
Remo Usai – Film Composer
Kenneth MacMillan – Cinematographer
Armand Psenny – Editor
Les Reed – Film Composer
Zygmunt Konieczny – Film Composer
Michel Gast – Producer/Screenwriter (also Director)
Zubin Mehta – Film Conductor
Bruno Zambrini – Film Composer
Madeleine Chapsal – Screenwriter
John Shirley – Editor
Carlo Reali – Editor (also Actor)
René de Obaldia – Playwright/Screenwriter
John R. McLean – Cinematographer
Giuseppe La Torre – Cinematographer
Daniel Selznick – Producer
Cristóbal Halffter – Film Composer
Zdenek Sverák – Screenwriter (also Actor)
Karl Spiehs – Producer
Gerhard Heinz – Film Composer
Franz Xaver Lederle – Cinematographer
Amedeo Fago – Production Designer (also Director)
László Duba – Production Designer
Hermann Thieme – Film Composer
Pedro del Rey – Editor
Remco Campert – Screenwriter
Bob Alcivar – Film Composer
Vladimir Cosma – Film Composer
Horst Hachler – Producer (also Director)
Antón García Abril – Film Composer
Franz Rath – Cinematographer
Jean Harlez – Producer/Screenwriter (also Director)
Ramón F. Suárez – Cinematographer
Krzysztof Penderecki – Film Composer
Wolfgang Ebeling – Screenwriter
Jonas Cornell – Producer (also Director)
José Luis Madrid – Screenwriter (also Director)
Kari Sohlberg – Cinematographer
Jorge Grau – Screenwriter (also Director)
Pembroke J. Herring – Editor
Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov – Film Composer
Toni Stricker – Film Composer
Alain Goraguer – Film Composer
Peter Rothe – Production Designer
Lu Zhuguo – Screenwriter
Jan Chaloupek – Editor
Stefan Pindelski – Cinematographer
Zygmunt Nowak – Sound Editor
Claude Accursi – Screenwriter
Vladimir Cosma – Film Composer
Martin Duckworth – Cinematographer (also Director)
Abraham B. Jehoshua – Screenwriter
Ivan Slapeta – Cinematographer
Jirí Macháne – Cinematographer
Jean Barker – Editor
Ramses Marzouk – Cinematographer
David Moessinger – Producer/Screenwriter (also Director)
Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein – Cinematographer
Mikhail Kartashov – Production Designer
Hsing-Lung Chiang – Editor
Eva Zora – Editor
Paul Rapp – Producer
Mario Russo – Assistant Director
Elliott Erwitt – Cinematographer (also Director)
Inger Pehrsson – Costume Designer
Lars Swanberg – Cinematographer
Lionel Goldstein – Screenwriter
Sven Fahlén – Sound Mixer
André Naudin – Sound Editor
Zdeněk Pololáník – Film Composer
André Diot – Cinematographer
Dirk Brüel – Cinematographer
Rubén Fuentes – Film Composer
Franco Micalizzi – Film Composer
Jerzy Maksymiuk – Film Composer
Rolf Bauer – Film Composer
Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka – Assistant Director (also Director)
Ariane Mnouchkine – Screenwriter (also Director)
Gunilla Pontén – Costume Designer
Remo Usai – Film Composer
Luiz Carlos Barreto – Producer
Jean-Paul Rouland – Screenwriter (also Director)
Esther Shapiro – Screenwriter/Producer
Bratislav Stojanovic – Cinematographer
Tadeusz Baljon – Production Manager
Rolf Sohre – Cinematographer
Charles Dyer – Playwright/Screenwriter
Pavel Kohout – Novelist/Playwright/Screenwriter
Vera Stinglová – Cineamtographer
Jadwiga Zajicek – Editor
Robin Copping – Cinematographer
Tony Ianzelo – Cinematographer (also Director)
Mayya Buzinova – Animator
Mariya Portnaya – Animator
Jan Suster – Producer/Production Manager
Andreas Bellis – Cinematographer
Christian Chevallier – Film Composer
Steve Reich – Film Composer
Pál Sándor – Producer (also Director)
Eduard van der Enden – Cinematographer
Buz Kohan – Screenwriter
Gilbert Tanugi – Novelist/Screenwriter
Josef Pávek – Cinematographer
Roland Vincent – Film Composer
Ted Butcher – Producer
Sydney Bettex – Production Designer
Andreas Bellis – Cinematographer
Fernando Duarte – Cinematographer
Juho Gartz – Editor
Igor Luther – Cinematographer
Trendafil Zahariev – Cinematographer
Vladislav Lasic – Production Designer
Alois Nozicka – Cinematographer
Teng Hung Hsu – Cinematographer (also Director)
Toshio Masuda – Cinematographer/Screenwriter (also Director)
Gustavo Quintana – Production Designer
Vladimír Malík – Cinematographer
Helena Lebdusková – Editor
Peter Brand – Cinematographer
Jean-Pierre Rawson – Producer (also Director)
Dean Hargrove – Producer/Screenwriter (also Director)
Adam Slawinski – Film Composer
Eduard van der Enden – Cinematographer
Tuomo Kattilakoski – Sound Designer
Brian Kavanagh – Editor (also Director)
Darrell Lass – Production Designer
Bob Young – Film Composer
Werner M. Lenz – Cinematographer
Archie Shepp – Film Composer
Enrico Bomba – Producer (also Director)
Lars Brydesen – Editor
Katinka Farago – Producer
Chun Hsieh – Sound Editor (also Director)
Alfonso Sastre – Screenwriter
Anatoliy Petrov – Animator (also Director)
Mark Grantham – Producer
Jaime de Armiñán – Screenwriter (also Director)
Antonio Cortés – Set Decorator/Art Director/Costume Designer
Charles Fox – Film Composer
Viktor Chichov – Cinematographer
Ivan Vanicek – Production Designer
Monique Plotin – Costume Designer
Lubos Sluka – Film Composer
Giuseppe Pinori – Cinematographer
Laird Koenig – Novelist/Screenwriter
István Hildebrand – Cinematographer
Stefan Maritan – Production Designer
Ted Nichols – Film Composer
Andrew J. Fenady – Producer/Screenwriter
Raymond Lévesque – Film Composer (also Actor)
Giorgio Stegani – Screenwriter (also Director)
Günter Rohrbach – Producer
Gianni Minervini – Producer
Pat Green – Producer
Irena Kosecka – Makeup Artist
Leo Fong – Producer/Screenwriter (also Actor and Director)
Richard Greer – Editor
Ernest Chambers – Producer
April Ferry – Costume Designer
Wolfgang Burmann – Production Designer
Bertil Wiktorsson – Cinematographer
Alfred Tichawsky – Cinematographer
Giovanna Marini – Film Composer
Leon Prochnik – Screenwriter
George Lefferts – Producer/Screenwriter
Hristo Ganev – Screenwriter
Helge Robbert – Cinematographer (also Director)
Richard Gilbert – Producer (also Director)
Don Duga – Animator
Sadao Miyamoto – Animator
Paul Coker Jr. – Animator
Sidney Kimmel – Producer
Jo Swerling Jr. – Producer
Arne Glimcher – Producer (also Director)
Stanislav Szomolányi – Cinematographer
Jirí Macháne – Cinematographer
Rudolf Kovac – Production Designer
Herbert Chappell – Film Composer/Producer
Eberhard Junkersdorf – Producer
Frank Agrama – Producer (also Director)
João Fernandes – Cinematographer
Jose Luis Alcaine – Cinematographer
Robert J. Gurney Jr. – Screenwriter/Producer
Joan Didion – Screenwriter
Steven Berkoff – Playwright/Screenwriter (also Actor)
Jonas Gwangwa – Film Composer
Charles Dumont – Film Composer/Songwriter
Jacques Dorfmann – Producer
Burt Sugarman – Producer
Dick Richards – Producer (also Director)
Julian Chagrin – Producer
Michael J. Lewis – Film Composer
Zora Dirnbach – Screenwriter
Patricio Manns – Screenwriter
Agnès Delahaie – Producer
Carroll Ballard – Producer
Luis de Pablo – Film Composer
Julian Barry – Playwright/Screenwriter
Jerry Herman – Film/Broadway Songwriter
Jeremy Larner – Screenwriter
Jay Kanter – Producer
Ezio Frigerio – Production Designer/Costume Designer
Stevan Petrovic – Producer
Barry De Vorzon – Film Composer/Songwriter
Perry Botkin Jr. – Film Composer/Songwriter
Arthur Hamilton – Film Songwriter
Jerome Coopersmith – Screenwriter
Michael Frayn – Playwright/Screenwriter
Dyson Lovell – Producer (also Actor)
Robert Fletcher – Costume Designer
William Link – Screenwriter
Ming Cho Lee – Production Designer
Robin Wagner – Production Designer
Joel Rogosin – Screenwriter
Daniel Selznick – Producer
Joseph Horovitz – Film Composer
Michael Westmore – Makeup Artist
Janusz Pawlowski – Cinematographer
Remo De Angelis – Stuntman
Miroslav Skorik – Film Composer
Irene Shubik – Producer
Mardik Martin – Screenwriter
Leza Holland – Screenwriter/Producer (also Director)
Juan Carlos Desanzo – Cinematographer (also Director)
Giorgio Arlorio – Screenwriter (also Director)
Carter DeHaven – Producer
Wolf Wirth – Cinematographer
Rolf Bauer – Film Composer
Jean-Michel Defaye – Film Composer
Franco Prosperi – Producer (also Director)
Eileen Diss – Production Designer
John Gorrie – Producer
Ted Childs – Producer
Barbara Pec-Slesicka – Producer
Giorgio Arlorio – Screenwriter
Bernard Haitink – Film Score Conductor
Malcolm Marmorstein – Screenwriter
Dragan Mitrovic – Cinematographer
Halina Prugar-Ketling – Editor
Ronald Chase – Producer (also Director)
Aleksandr Zatsepin – Film Composer
Yôichi Kotabe – Animator
Bernard Kops – Screenwriter
Gerald Gardner – Screenwriter
Andrzej Mularczyk – Screenwriter
Andreas Bellis – Cinematographer
Ted Childs – Producer
Waldemar Bergendahl – Producer
Viktor Merezhko – Screenwriter (also Director)
Emmanuel Machuel – Cinematographer
Pavao Stalter – Animator (also Director)
Andjelko Klobucar – Film Composer
Terry Riley – Film Composer
Franco Micalizzi – Film Composer
Günter Eisinger – Cinematographer
Frédéric Devreese – Film Composer
Frank Griffin – Makeup Artist
Wolfgang Hundhammer – Production Designer
Jôji Yuasa – Film Composer
Helmuth Ashley – Cinematographer (also Director)
Otto Hanisch – Cinematographer
Eric Bentley – Screenwriter
Carole Barnes – Animator
Antonio Siciliano – Editor
Natalya Bogomolova – Animator
Norman Klenman – Screenwriter
Paul Maslansky – Producer
Wolfram Heicking – Film Composer
Georg Kranz – Production Designer
Joachim Dittrich – Costume Designer
Johnny Harris – Film Composer
Stephen H. Burum – Cinematographer
Knut Gløersen – Cinematographer
Brian Taylor – Producer
John Beaton – Editor
Lata Mangeshkar – Playback Singer
Ralph Carmichael – Film Composer
Daniel Selznick – Producer
Kaarlo Kaartinen – Film Composer
Peter Miller – Producer/Screenwriter
Ahmad Pezhman – Film Composer
George Schlatter – Producer/Screenwriter
Kasper Schyberg – Editor
Il-seong Jeon – Cinematographer
Juan Gelpí – Cinematographer
John Moore – Costume Designer
Robert Porter – Producer
David D. Osborn – Screenwriter
Pier Ludovico Pavoni – Cinematographer
Brian Trueman – Screenwriter
Sonny Fox – Producer
Ken Knowlton – Animator
Robert Fletcher – Costume Designer
Bill Brame – Editor
Antonio Siciliano – Editor
Garry Sherman – Film Composer
Jorg Schmidt-Reitwein – Cinematographer
Manfred Schoof – Film Composer
Paul Chihara – Film Composer
Lynette Bernay – Costume Designer (also Actor)
Ian Curteis – Screenwriter
Tatsuo Suzuki – Cinematographer
Alan Shayne – Producer
Sérgio Ricardo – Film Composer (also Director)
Michael Cox – Producer
Ted Childs – Producer
Douglas Livingstone – Screenwriter
Éric Demarsan – Film Composer
Ernest Chambers – Producer/Screenwriter
Brian Phelan – Screenwriter (also Actor)
Frederick H. Brogger – Producer
Patrick Dromgoole – Producer (also Director)
Kenneth Cavander – Screenwriter
Fred Tammes – Cinematographer
Jack Turley – Screenwriter
Philip Springer – Film Composer

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