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Directed by Todd Solondz
United States, 2016
Comedy, Drama, Cult


A cute dachshund puppy finds itself shuffled from one oddball owner to the next, including two couples, a veterinary nurse (Greta Gerwig), a screenwriter (Danny DeVito) and a bitter woman (Ellen Burstyn).

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Wiener-Dog Directed by Todd Solondz
I do not recommend this movie to anyone. I loved it, so that sounds odd, but dear god, don’t do this to yourself. This is the Au hasard Balthazar of our time and I warn people about that one too, though at least Bresson’s beauty sweeps you away, somewhat. This one, though strangely beautiful (you’ve never wanted to laugh and cry so much at the longest, loveliest shot of dog shit you’ve ever seen), has a harshness that makes you grip the theater seat, wincing at what comes next.
December 31, 2016
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Tracing the dog’s life through these despicable characters, Weiner-Dog is incredibly bleak but somehow incredibly effervescent.
December 14, 2016
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The piecemeal structure of the film dilutes any sustained emotional investment. Too long to be approached as episodes, too short to completely get past the almost pat Solondz-isms, they seem much more powerful in isolation… Wiener-Dog nevertheless remains enjoyable as a series of unrelated but striking vignettes.
August 11, 2016
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What are people saying?

  • Dan's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    I laughed. I cried at the futility of human existence. I loved it.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    In Japan this movie is titled as "Tod Solondz's Puppy Tales," so there are audiences who're attracted with the title. "Wiener-Dog" is film which throws their face diarrheal doodle, in a word, this is directed-by-TODD-SOLONDZ-as-usual film. But I'm especially impressed with Ep.3 & 4 about misery & sadness of being oldage. It's devastating that in scattered diarrhea despair of life & just a little love become rotten.

  • Helen's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    I started crying before the first line was spoken and pretty much didn't stop until the end. Occasionally also laughed. Showing USA through a sad-faced little dachshund, only Solondz could've done it.

  • Diderot's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    Todd Solondz is brilliant. No one knows how to cast a movie quite like him. And no one writes children, or knows how to take them seriously, better than he does. In fact, few filmmakers in general take their characters more seriously than Solondz.

  • Z's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    Bitingly satirical, devastatingly sad, unexpectedly touching and very human. Solondz deftly skewers a degraded, regressive, infantile, exploitative, consumer culture which encourages narcissism and profits on despair. He shows how political correctness is being used to constrict real feelings and real art which are replaced with marketing schemes and faddish navel-gazing. He gives us the painful, unvarnished truth.

  • Max Chervin's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    I don't think the theater I work at has had a more polarizing picture. Solondz tells beautiful and funny stories of humans but uses disassociation techniques like long takes, repetition, and disgusting imagery to get to truths about life, death and psychology

  • chanandre's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    "Ain't it totally great that you have a new dog? What's its name? Cancer. Why...why did you name it that? It felt right!">none can rival Solondz's humor. That slo-mo high-angle lateral tracking-shot showing the granola bar diarrhea'd asphalt? LMFAO He jokes with everything. Remi laying on the grass looks like a wax corpse/Nana's nightmare./'What if? Then what?"> awesome joke for aspiring screenwriters & directors:LOL

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Wiener-Dog

    I thought Dawn Weiner's funeral was in the first scene of PALINDROMES? Whatever, Todd Solondz has resurrected her in the form of Greta Gerwig, that's fine. She isn't quite awkward enough but o.k., maybe Dawn 'blossomed". Ellen Burstyn is in this picture for about 12 minutes. People are calling this a "dark comedy", I call it a dreary comedy. 3 and a half stars - I hope Solondz jazzes it up a bit more next time.

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