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  1. Loz Loory's rating of the film Vision

    Almost 1,000 years later and the Church has reaffirmed that women do not belong in positions of power. A sad state. Enjoyed this as an introduction to Hildegarde, and thought the cinematography did a good job of livening up the cloister shots. Would have been great to incorporate more of her music, but enjoyed the pacing and feel of this film nevertheless.

  2. elenagallen's rating of the film Vision

    I crave a more artistic, cinematic and sensitive approach to a fascinating character living in a virgin's paradise, whose ideas were despised by the male side of the church that insist in accusing visionaries of being inspired by the Devil.

  3. Daniel Iván's rating of the film Vision

    For those strictly interested in the religious side of Hildegard Von Bingen's story. This movie sadly dismiss any imaginative approach to the musical talent of this remarkable composer, and focuses in a somehow predictable religion fervor embellishment propaganda. Some beautiful cinematography at times and some odd camera movement at some others. Amen.

  4. (arc)'s rating of the film Vision

  5. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Vision

    Hildegard was definitely an interesting woman, but as this film tries to convey all of her life, the effect is diluted. The story is unfocused, and while there are some nice moments, it would have worked better if it did not try to tell such a large story. A more compact one, like building her own cloister would have worked better. But the production design is nice, and it's interesting to see the middle ages. 3/5.

  6. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Vision

    Lovely and evocative tale of the famed 12th century German nun who was ahead of her time. It's a period piece that doesn't feel like one. A lyrical, reverent portrait of a woman who was a pioneer for women in the church.