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Directed by Luis Buñuel
Spain, Mexico, 1961
Drama, Cult, Comedy


Novice nun Viridiana pays a visit to her lecherous uncle who falls in love with her. In an attempt to atone for a resulting disaster, she offers charity to a colorful collection of derelicts and beggars.

Viridiana Directed by Luis Buñuel
Whereas Buñuel sacrificed a clear message in his early films for visual anarchy, with Viridiana Buñuel brilliantly joined meaning and madness. It must be stressed that the brilliance of Viridiana depends largely on its attack on Franco’s Spain—apart from that the film can be understood in a very different manner… Beyond its immediate social context Viridiana is mercilessly pessimistic concerning human nature, and much of the film’s bleakness lies in its lack of dimensionality.
June 17, 2017
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The overall beauty of Buñuel’s work always lies in his malleability. He doesn’t side against morality, he merely posits that it’s an inconvenience in the pursuit of pleasure. And maybe some of us prefer to be possessed. In casting Francisco Rabal as Jorge, the illegitimate son and Viridiana’s foil, Buñuel hits a note that few directors ever manage successfully: he creates a monstrous male who sustains desirability in spite of never showing “real” virtue.
March 24, 2016
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As ever with Buñuel, religion and lust are one (Bach and rock inflame desire equally, and a habit is as arousing as a bustier), and the devil is in the details: the bare feet of a girl jumping rope, a burning crown of thorns, and a pocketknife concealed in a cross join with the anarchic doings to convey his sardonic world view.
March 18, 2013
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