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Time of the Wolf

Le temps du loup

Directed by Michael Haneke
Austria, France, 2003
Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Isabelle Huppert: Performance as Rebirth


The time preceding the apocalypse is known in Germanic mythology as the time of the wolves. Fleeing a disaster, a middle-class family travel to their countryside holiday home, believing themselves to be escaping the consequences of the general state of chaos, but they find it occupied by strangers.

Our take

We complete the double feature devoted to Isabelle Huppert with this journey into the dark side of humanity. After first working with Michael Haneke—and winning Best Actress in Cannes—on The Piano Teacher, she teamed up with him again for this eerie and evocative tale of post-apocalyptic survival.

Time of the Wolf Directed by Michael Haneke Watch now
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This intellectual horror movie traces what happens to one of those families when the world enters a near total eclipse — it’s a frighteningly potent glimpse into the abyss.
July 02, 2004
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This is virtuouso film-making, and while Time of the Wolf is undeniably a bleak, depressing experience, Hanekes skill and commitment to his vision make it very bracingly so.
October 10, 2003
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Among the cinema’s many visions of the apocalypse, few have resonated with the chilly precision of Michael Haneke’s “Time of the Wolf.”
May 20, 2003
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