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  1. Photo of Marilyn Ann Moss

    Marilyn Ann Moss Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Peter Bogdanovich

    Peter Bogdanovich Self

  3. Photo of Johnny Crear

    Johnny Crear Self

  4. Photo of Dorisa Day

    Dorisa Day Self

  5. Photo of Illeana Douglas

    Illeana Douglas Self

  6. Photo of Sidney J. Furie

    Sidney J. Furie Self

  7. Photo of John A. Gallagher

    John A. Gallagher Self

  8. Photo of C. Courtney Joyner

    C. Courtney Joyner Self

  9. Photo of Norman Kleinman

    Norman Kleinman Self

  10. Photo of Jack Larson

    Jack Larson Self

  11. Photo of Leonard Maltin

    Leonard Maltin Self

  12. Photo of Lee Marvin

    Lee Marvin Self

  13. Photo of Alan K. Rode

    Alan K. Rode Self

  14. Photo of Jane Russell

    Jane Russell Self

  15. Photo of Anthony Slide

    Anthony Slide Self

  16. Photo of James Cagney

    James Cagney Self

  17. Photo of Humphrey Bogart

    Humphrey Bogart Self

  18. Photo of Kirk Douglas

    Kirk Douglas Self

  19. Photo of Raoul Walsh

    Raoul Walsh Self

  20. Photo of Imre Czomba

    Imre Czomba Music

  21. Photo of Joel Bender

    Joel Bender Producer and Director

  22. Photo of Hank Kilgore

    Hank Kilgore Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Sue Kilgore

    Sue Kilgore Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Paul Lynch

    Paul Lynch Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Patrick Francis

    Patrick Francis Editing