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  1. Ghostman's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Capturing the doubt, paranoia, & fear of a class of people unable to reflect inwardly enough to imagine a world that could exist without them as well as helping introduce a new found, if short lived, aesthetic freedom & existentialism in American Cinema that New Hollywood would exchange in favor of the high concept blockbuster that would be used to return to the white bourgeois image that the film so acutely degrades

  2. Rafael Zen's rating of the film The Swimmer

    It simply does not dig deep enough for me : maybe because the American Dream has been shreded better in film History : maybe because watching Burt Lancaster limp through the woods in speedos kills 85% of the poetry in this one : it takes more than a couple of moral hits to make me think a film goes deep into the paradigm of being a white male in America : at the end, I was more annoyed than confronted.

  3. Matthew Martens's rating of the film The Swimmer

    The loneliness of the pool-hopping swimmer. The death-in-life of a merman. Where the swimming pools end. Released half a year after The Graduate, The Swimmer serves up a Greatest Generation supplement to that film's boomer ennui. You can't be sixty on sugar mountain. But if you're lucky, you get to be Burt Lancaster--or Tuesday Weld, with whom Perry, a master-adapter of literary anomie, later made Play It As It Lays.

  4. Georges Iroh's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Every life of luxury is built on exploitation. A philosophically dense and dreamlike look at the horror show that is American suburbia, told from the perspective of a vain man who, without his money, can no longer get in the good graces of his equally shallow neighbors. The bait-and-switch of Eleanor Perry's script that turns Ned Merrill from a sprightly Adonis to a lowly, pathetic animal is utterly ingenious.

  5. Sebastiano Lombardo's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Burt Lancaster was gifted with dynamic strength and magnetic influence: this film is a solid proof of his extraordinary talent. Despite a fatuous recourse to absolution, Neddy Merrill's life uncovers itself harshly. An existential gymkhana.

  6. charley108's rating of the film The Swimmer

  7. Le temps perdu's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Don Draper in a swimming pool.

  8. letters never sent's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Bleak and brilliant, but the shampoo commercial-esque way it was shot was a little distracting and cringey.

  9. TheoElefthe's rating of the film The Swimmer

    What a nice-although grim- surprise! Stupendous screenplay and Burt Lancaster's acting achievement. Life is a bittersweet symphony after all...

  10. film_lies101's rating of the film The Swimmer

    A front to back haunted nightmare

  11. Blake GOBLE's rating of the film The Swimmer

    I have seen my midlife crisis. And it will be The Swimmer.

  12. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film The Swimmer

    İf the truths are relative, that does not mean the truth exists. According to this situation absolute truth one for all does not exists.In this film, the truths of each of the characters are clashing with each other.

  13. lbunuel's rating of the film The Swimmer

    This oddity is an interesting addition to the "American suburbia" genre. The premise is so absurd, so instantly allegorical, that the appeal is pretty much immediate. Unfortunately, by the end it forces its allegorical framing to an extent it does not reach dramatically, becoming heavy-handed and stiff. Still remains somehow magical, though.

  14. Aardsy's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Bizarre adaptation of PLANET OF THE APES.

  15. petit astronaute's rating of the film The Swimmer

    35mm. 3,5. un film délirant, hail to the late 60's

  16. Nachtreich's rating of the film The Swimmer

  17. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Basically a film about Burt Lancaster swimming from pool to pool (including an empty one) and interacting with all the people he comes across. A strange, surreal event that makes pool water seem more appealing than it actually is.

  18. Mirela Dudaş's rating of the film The Swimmer

  19. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Swimmer

    I'd sure like to know whether our beloved joggers have all seen this film. They could at last understand that there's a lot to discover about the world and themselves if only they could throw their earphones away. Masterpiece.

  20. FISCHER's rating of the film The Swimmer

    l'oeuvre traîne en filigrane et discrétion, une puissante dose de méchanceté et de désespérance qui, au fil de la projection, s'en vient en insistance et en puissance, nous toucher et nous étouffer, presque définitivement ... www.cinefiches.com

  21. msmichel's rating of the film The Swimmer

    John Cheever short story is turned into this over-baked, under written Burt Lancaster vanity project. Praised in some circles as being indicative of the rotting of the American dream instead of a portrait of a delusional broken man that sometimes comes off as downright creepy (the babysitter, the young boy). Worse of all the extremely awful score by Marvin Hamlisch that is as subtle as glass breaking.

  22. Roland Nicolai Fanega's rating of the film The Swimmer

    One of my favorite short stories adapted to film

  23. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film The Swimmer

    Burt Lancaster go to a transition from the finest summer day to the heaviest rain, showing the whole spectrum of high class society in America.

  24. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film The Swimmer

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