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  1. Photo of Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp Self

  2. Photo of Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper Self

  3. Photo of John Turturro

    John Turturro Self

  4. Photo of William S. Burroughs

    William S. Burroughs Self

  5. Photo of Allen Ginsberg

    Allen Ginsberg Self

  6. Photo of Jack Kerouac

    Jack Kerouac Self

  7. Photo of Neal Cassady

    Neal Cassady Self

  8. Photo of Philip Glass

    Philip Glass Self and Music

  9. Photo of Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia Self

  10. Photo of Timothy Leary

    Timothy Leary Self

  11. Photo of Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Self

  12. Photo of John Cage

    John Cage Self

  13. Photo of Shirley Clarke

    Shirley Clarke Self

  14. Photo of Walter Cronkite

    Walter Cronkite Self

  15. Photo of Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan Self

  16. Photo of Dizzy Gillespie

    Dizzy Gillespie Self

  17. Photo of Abbie Hoffman

    Abbie Hoffman Self

  18. Photo of Billie Holiday

    Billie Holiday Self

  19. Photo of Bob Hope

    Bob Hope Self

  20. Photo of Robert F. Kennedy

    Robert F. Kennedy Self

  21. Photo of John Leguizamo

    John Leguizamo Self

  22. Photo of Norman Mailer

    Norman Mailer Self

  23. Photo of Steve Martin

    Steve Martin Self

  24. Photo of Groucho Marx

    Groucho Marx Self

  25. Photo of Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King Self

  26. Photo of Henry Rollins

    Henry Rollins Self

  27. Photo of Andrew Dintenfass

    Andrew Dintenfass Cinematography

  28. Photo of Tom Hurwitz

    Tom Hurwitz Cinematography

  29. Photo of Don Lenzer

    Don Lenzer Cinematography

  30. Photo of José Louis Mignone

    José Louis Mignone Cinematography

  31. Photo of Nancy Schreiber

    Nancy Schreiber Cinematography

  32. Photo of David Amram

    David Amram Music

  33. Photo of Marc Greville-Masson

    Marc Greville-Masson Production Design

  34. Photo of Chuck Workman

    Chuck Workman Producer, Screenplay, Editing, and Director

  35. Photo of Hiro Yamagata

    Hiro Yamagata Executive Producer