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The Serpent's Kiss

Directed by Philippe Rousselot
United Kingdom, 1997


In 1699 England, a young Dutchman–half of the famous landscape architecture firm of Larousse & Chrome–reports to a remote English estate where he is seduced by his wealthy employer’s wife and then falls for their teenage daughter.

The Serpent's Kiss Directed by Philippe Rousselot

What are people saying?

  • Quentin's rating of the film The Serpent's Kiss

    Very playful film that seems inspired by Peter Greenaway. The garden as a metaphor of human relationships and the temptation to put them under control is quite fascinating. As a side note, it's a pity that Carmen Chaplin has disappeared as an actress, and I miss Philippe Rousselot as a director. As far as I know since the Serpent's Kiss he has only worked as cinematographer :-(

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