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The Party

Directed by Sally Potter
United Kingdom, 2017
Drama, Comedy


A comedy wrapped around a tragedy. It starts as a celebration and ends with blood on the floor.

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The Party Directed by Sally Potter
Sally Potter is a filmmaker who deserves to be more decisively seen and heard. I’m not one for avidly going to bat for socially-purposeful art, but I dare say that Potter, whose films have long addressed gender identity, political commitment, feminism, capitalism, and other concerns is absolutely, in the parlance of the times, one of the Filmmakers We Need Now.
February 16, 2018
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Filming in black-and-white, keeping the pace brisk and the tone stage-loud as if angling for the balcony, Potter presses plenty of action into the seventy-minute span, but none of the life-changing confessions or outsized gestures seem substantial or deep-rooted; the movie’s ideas and impulses are a grab bag of bourgeois-bohemian emblems.
February 16, 2018
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Potter’s latest, basically a filmed play confined to a trendy London town house and tastefully shot in black-and-white, mines similar territory to that of Ginger and Rosa, only with a more arid, less forgiving spirit. A contemporary farce with aspirations to satire and an awkward dab of tragedy, The Party clocks in at a mercifully trim 71-minutes, which is more than enough time to fire volleys of flat-footed cheap shots across the bows.
February 15, 2018
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What are people saying?

  • chanandre's rating of the film The Party

    [Tears+Laughter] First film I've seen by you was 2000's "The Man Who Cried" (which was always what I thought my grave would read on its tombstone - 'the man who cried') I was 15/16 yo and did not get the chance to see a film of yours up on the big screen (or anywhere else neither) ever since. 17 Y E A R S passed and it's like being reacquainted with a former lover/friendo. Your art has not aged a day dear Sally... ♡

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film The Party

    Despite a good cast, an endless and conventional English comedy, with few springs and lots of clichés. In the genre "CARNAGE", by POLANSKI, after Yasmina REZA, but much less successfull === Malgré une bonne distribution, une comédie anglaise conventionnelle et interminable, avec peu de ressorts et beaucoup de clichés. Dans le genre "CARNAGE" de POLANSKI d'après Yasmina REZA, en nettement moins bien.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film The Party

    A pathetic film in form and content and a pity really for Rodionov to sign the cinematography. Potter concocts in the worst possible style the major social types from which the Western (or British?) mind-set suffers. From LGBT to finance gurus, rationalism and New Age philosophy the self-destructive parody of the human race ends in a frenzy of non-corrigibility and self-mortifying human frailty. Worst film in ages.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Party

    Potter's most conventional film has none of the bold artistry, imagination or passion that characterised works such as Gold Diggers, Orlando & The Tango Lesson. While wonderfully acted & engagingly filmed, the political subtext is too vague & laboured against its narrative of petty domestic squabbles, which feel derivative of countless sitcoms. The final punchline is clever but typical of the film's lack of ambition.

  • HenriqueA's rating of the film The Party

    Too on the nose was an expression created to describe this screenplay. While everyone seems to be very game (even if kinda lost) and the story brings up the brexit's messiness with furious energy, I can't for the life of me understand how can one listen to the dialogue and not scream in pain. Maybe...maybe it'd work better on a stage? People who loved this should check out brazillian playwriter Nelson Rodrigues, tho.

  • ig_____or's rating of the film The Party

    A very entertaining and short film about grown-up people behaving like cuckoos that reminded me of Polanski's "Carnage"... which, by the way, I remember being funnier/cringier than this. All-in-all, a cerebral and tidy mess, where everyone is (dis)connected.

  • josé neves's rating of the film The Party

    Digital. More than twenty years after "Orlando"'s artistique crap and meanwhile not having seen any film of this director, here i am going to the cinema, trying to escape boredom, and come across this joke superiorly poorly filmed, in black-and-white just because, with actors corroborating the waste, in favor of another artistic object, this time striving to be witty. Another crap.

  • Ana Sousa's rating of the film The Party

    Genius beyond words. The story, the script, the actors, the cinematography, the rhythm, the editing, the soundtrack... Watching this once is far from enough to grasp all the little hints of brilliance. One of the best of the year, no doubt about it. April and Gottfried are one of the most hilarious couples I've seen. And from now on I officially declare Patricia Clarkson as my queen.

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