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  1. Photo of Roberto Rossellini

    Roberto Rossellini Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Gruault

    Jean Gruault Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pier Maria Rossi

    Pier Maria Rossi Cast

  4. Photo of Mita Ungaro

    Mita Ungaro Cast

  5. Photo of Carlos de Carvalho

    Carlos de Carvalho Cast

  6. Photo of Fausto Di Bella

    Fausto Di Bella Cast

  7. Photo of Vernon Dobtcheff

    Vernon Dobtcheff Cast

  8. Photo of Antonella Fasano

    Antonella Fasano Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Martin

    Jean Martin Cast

  10. Photo of Toni Ucci

    Toni Ucci Cast

  11. Photo of Vittorio Caprioli

    Vittorio Caprioli Cast

  12. Photo of Tina Aumont

    Tina Aumont Cast

  13. Photo of Flora Carabella

    Flora Carabella Cast

  14. Photo of Raouf Ben Amor

    Raouf Ben Amor Cast

  15. Photo of Luis Suárez

    Luis Suárez Cast

  16. Photo of Hedi Zoughlami

    Hedi Zoughlami Cast

  17. Photo of Renato Montalbano

    Renato Montalbano Cast

  18. Photo of Mario Montuori

    Mario Montuori Cinematography

  19. Photo of Mario Nascimbene

    Mario Nascimbene Music

  20. Photo of Osvaldo Desideri

    Osvaldo Desideri Production Design

  21. Photo of Silvia D'Amico Bendico

    Silvia D'Amico Bendico Producer and Screenplay

  22. Photo of Jolanda Benvenuti

    Jolanda Benvenuti Editing