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The Last of England

Directed by Derek Jarman
United Kingdom, West Germany, 1987
Drama, Avant-Garde, LGBTQ+
  • English
  • English


Jarman once more offers his own unique perspective on Britain, this time a dark and gloomy take on the effects of Thatcherism on society. With Tilda Swinton.

Our take

Derek Jarman’s masterpiece is a meditation on British society under Thatcher. Shot in a dreamlike combination of Super 8mm and video, this is an aggressive rejection of the values of populist cinema at the time, and one of Jarman’s finest works.

The Last of England Directed by Derek Jarman

Critics reviews

Jarman constructs scenes of dystopia inspired by the tumult of the 1980s. Weaving together images evoking the English Renaissance, the cradle of English Nationalism, and a rapidly approaching nightmare once again ignites any calm sense of historical definition. Everything is on fire, past and future both.
November 05, 2014
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