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The Haunting

Directed by Robert Wise
United Kingdom, United States, 1963
Horror, Thriller


Hill House has an evil history with tragic accidents, suicide, and human misjudgement. Dr. Markway is a pyschic researcher who assembles a group with histories linked to the paranormal.

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The Haunting Directed by Robert Wise
Robert Wise’s production is a traditionally Gothic bit of horror that somehow remains faithful to Jackson’s book while also managing to flatten its surreal ambivalence and literalize much of its interiority, thanks to an overreliance on voiceover and melodramatic performance style.
October 24, 2018
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I didn’t show anything. It was just suggestions. There is nothing in it," Wise said. That’s essentially true; the closest thing to a special effect is a moment when a door begins to ripple and bend from the force of whatever ghastly spirit is trying to get at the characters. But Wise also said, “I had a marvelous cinematographer.” Boulton’s camera is what truly creates the spooks.
October 19, 2016
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A famous horror that actually works more like a Tennessee Williams drama, with fey, fragile Julie Harris – still under the thumb of her domineering invalid mom, even from beyond the grave – desperately looking for love, even if it means falling in love with a haunted house.
December 05, 2014
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What are people saying?

  • chanandre's rating of the film The Haunting

    [Cinémathèque PT - 35mm] I think de Bont's adaptation might be better (more Shyamalan-ish). Still mulling over the rating and feelings on this one...after having seen 'Carnival of Souls' a couple of days ago, everything horror-related is a let down, I reckon...

  • Renton47's rating of the film The Haunting

    Driven almost entirely by its seeming contradictions - interior and exterior, trauma and physical threat - to the extent that its four leads all seem to be acting in different films. The camera work constantly finds ways to create menace where there might be none. I was drifting in and out a bit, but it had an attraction...

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film The Haunting

    The scientist and the playboy are stock characters from ages past, but The Haunting does have one foot towards the warped, wide-angle terrors of the future. There are moments here of creepy atmosphere, shots composed for both beauty and shocks, and some impressive FX. But what remains most fresh, as the film turns into its second half, is the psychology of repression, with a lesbian subtext that's barely sub.

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film The Haunting

    A rollicking revisit to the old dark house with all the expected levers pulled with polished panache, despite some occasional playing to the rear gallery. As with the contemporariness The Innocents, it utilises widescreen well with tangy setups in crisp cinematography. Wise is a somewhat overlooked everyman of a Director competently helmimg most things with integrity and confidence. Next stop: Austria...

  • josé neves's rating of the film The Haunting

    35mm, rewatched. A treaty of composition and editing and and if it wasn't for Julie Harris actor studio' style on excess, literally hysterical, and more concentration in the middle of the film, somehow adrift, and it would be a masterpiece. Nevertheless, is one of the great thriller films of suspense and fantastic.

  • msmichel's rating of the film The Haunting

    Atmospheric and suspenseful classic horror from director Robert Wise based on the story by Shirley Jackson. The initial setup is very much of the 'old dark house' variety but by concentrating more on the psychological elements the film's novelty works in its favour. Julie Harris and Claire Bloom are very well cast but the films direction, editing and cinematography make this quite memorable.

  • Henri de Corinth's rating of the film The Haunting

    Re-watched this after at least twenty years. I feel like this film is to horror what ’The Third Man' is to film noir: It's old-fashioned and silly but at the same time very modern and intriguing. It has also aged really well. No school like the old school.

  • mjgildea's rating of the film The Haunting

    Eerie and hypnotic as all hell, taking a page out of the Val Lewton playbook. The shot of Julie Harris walking away from the rest of the group as they fade into the darkness honestly scares the crap out of me. Great cast, great direction and excellent use of sound and black and white photography. The Haunting doesn't get anywhere nearly enough credit.

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