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Ratings & Reviews

  1. NellMNull's rating of the film The Great Waltz

  2. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film The Great Waltz

    Despite the inherent hopelessness of the bio-pic of famous composers (and one suspects that the relation of what happens in this movie to the actual life of Strauss is a thin thread indeed - the film pretty much says as much in the opening credits), this movie is a real delight. Sure it's kitschy at times, but it's also frequently quite beautiful, the scenes staged with Duvivier's usual brilliance.

  3. MarcH's rating of the film The Great Waltz

    FAR better than it is given credit for. The lengthy "Tales From Vienna Woods" is a dazzling attempt to take the movie musical somewhere it had not been before. Also, watch for the sinister close-up of Lionel Atwill as he prods mousy Luise Rainer into fighting for her marriage. A fascinating film.