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  1. Daniele Ravizza's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    Amazing achievement both from a cinematography point of view and a masterclass in acting. It's a pity that such a talented director ended his career with his infamous sophomore project.

  2. Pok's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    3.5 La conclusión está cargada de peso dramático y es espectacular, es muy bien lograda y levanta la película, salvándola de ser un mamotreto innecesariamente largo y lleno de posturas cuestionables. Las infames secuencias de ruleta rusa pecan de xenofóbicas y la primera hora es francamente aburrida. Pero al menos por fin pude ver una película de la que mucho se ha hablado.

  3. Gallus's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    One of the first mainstream films to criticize the Vietnam War while it was happening, one of the first films to lead the New American Cinema Wave, leading to masterpieces like Platoon, Apocalypse Now, and even films like The Thin Red Line, it's both physically and emotionally draining due to its three hour runtime filled with a hurtful roller coaster of emotions. DP, sound, acting, direction, score, all perfect.

  4. tubbssw's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    A number of the scenes stand the test of time 40 years on. Those located in the steel town, especially early in the film, for me are the best and come across as the most authentic for time, place, and atmosphere. The depiction of the evacuation of Vietnam is also excellent and the main theme tune is one of the best.

  5. Büşra Gürler's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    What a disgusting, chauvinist, nationalist, fascist, anti-Vietnamese, warmongering movie this is! I absolutely detest at the ending where they sing a song about how "great" America is while they slaughter innocent civilians and commit hundreds of war crimes in Vietnam in their so-called "war against communism". This movie is a propaganda for justification of war and anti propaganda of communism, socialism.

  6. Oscar Bedell's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    Great writing. The symptom that traverses all wagers of the working class into the deer on the mountain shifts in this definitive disposition of faith and god in religion among friends that surround Nick who relished the contingency of the trees in the mountains and whom Michael found his definitive 'one shot'. Nick's anxiety breaks through into the reality of what he foresaw as a crazy life unfurling before them.

  7. F&A's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    Very powerful! I wish I could give this film 6 stars! An epic story of three steel workers from a small 3rd-4th generation-Russian, industrial town in Pennsylvania. The 3-hour film is divided into 3 equal parts: pre-Vietnam life, Vietnam and the return. The characters are so meticulously analysed that you become one of them, you feel and suffer with them. DeNiro's, Walken's and Streep's performances are monumental!

  8. Ric's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    I was mesmerised by this film when it first came out. Watching it 40 years later, I’m somewhat nonplussed. It’s so full of incongruities. I mean, why doesn’t Mike check in on his buddies when they’re in hospital in Saigon? etc, etc, etc

  9. Jacopo Vismara's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

  10. Simon KH's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    There are plenty of older films about which people cry 'racist' and you go; "No, shut up, you dunno what you're talking about." This is not one of them.

  11. EiderSeek's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

  12. sklavenmoral's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    what a cold blood.. Walken! 4+

  13. DenoResandono's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    The truth is... I was just gave only three-stars rating for this movie. The storytelling is HARROWING, yet FRIGHTENING to me. But I felt there's something "off" with the pacing. I mean... it is kinda dragging. Then, I add an extra star for its splendid performance. It is something that keeps me survive for the entire movie. THE DEER HUNTER is still a decent movie. Its depiction of Vietnam War effect is quite HAUNTING

  14. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    Un grande film: ben interpretato, ben diretto, ben scritto. Una pietra miliare tra i Vietmovie. Generazionale

  15. Eleonoora's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    We watched this in Cinema Ritrovato with Lauri and Hilla and it was raining and it was beautiful! One of those huge film experiences that you don't get to experience so often.

  16. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    “This is the nature of war, whose stake is at once the game and the authority and the justification. Seen so, war is the truest form of divination. It is the testing of one's will and the will of another within that larger will which because it binds them is therefore forced to select. War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence. War is god.” - Cormac McCarthy

  17. Epinephrin's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    Bin eingeschlafen. der erste Teil - so long und so langweilig (und hier meine ich die erste Stunde).

  18. Knights of Odessa's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

  19. Paul Nedelcu's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

  20. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    Less dramatization of history than a figurative exploration of the American psyche; with class, religion, friendship &war as an ideology explored throughout. In this sense the three-act structure of home, combat & after becomes symbolic of heaven/hell/purgatory; Vietnam as 'Dantean' inferno? Yes, it's indulgent on the part of Cimino, but he's reaching for a kind of emotional authenticity here that's rarely seen.

  21. knockkneed's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    a classic 'guy movie' that i actually care for

  22. bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    I saw this film years ago after discovering the magnificent Heaven’s Gate. I rewatch today and despite the fact that I still think this is one of the biggest masters pieces of the american cinema, I hardly recall a film that blanks the real history so well. Like Griffith did in Birth of Nation, Cimino did where. The ending where everyone sings the anthem is revolting.

  23. Richmond Hill's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

    Does length alone confer importance? No, but you’d think so here. Nor does it provide much insight despite ample opportunity. The film seems to have half an envious eye on the scale and structure of The Godfather but still manages to reduce a series of brilliant vignettes to being stranded miniatures in an epic of running time alone. Schisms of excellence are not reward enough when you have too much of not a lot.

  24. Stefano Campagna's rating of the film The Deer Hunter

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