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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dalibor's rating of the film The Cat's Meow

    I bet Woody Allen wishes he could squeeze this charming jazz-age crime drama into his mediocre early 2000's. "The Cat's Meow" explores an intriguing footnote from cinema history, challenging it with it's own take on the subject. Feeling both overly fascinated and at a certain distance, it's either a memoir-in-motion or a 20's zeitgeist caught hovering modern-day Hollywood and its subconscious.

  2. Jack Hoehn's rating of the film The Cat's Meow

    I don't understand what there is not to like?

  3. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Cat's Meow

    Bogdanovich does good with the material but the abrupt changes in tone and the portrayal of Chaplin leave an unsatisfying feeling in the end.

  4. albertofarina's rating of the film The Cat's Meow

    Ho un debole per Bogdanovich e lo ammetto. Qui racconta una faccenda poco chiara di cui furono protagonisti W.R. Hearst, la Davies, Chaplin, Thomas Ince e la tremenda Louella Parsons: "Cat's Meow" non è un capolavoro imperdibile, questo no: ma ricostruisce l'atmosfera degli anni Venti in modo convincente e senza dare quell'impressione da museo delle cere che a volte rischiano i film su personaggi troppo noti.

  5. Fritz's rating of the film The Cat's Meow

    three for the acting, but I hate the one who played Chaplin

  6. Weena Eloi's rating of the film The Cat's Meow

    Yuck. Possibly his worst film. Hey, The Auteurs, where's "Saint Jack"? That's surely one of Bogdanovich's best films and it's not listed here!