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The Apparition


Directed by Xavier Giannoli
France, 2018


Jacques is a war journalist at a leading newspaper in France. His reputation as an impartial and talented investigator attracts the attention of the Vatican who recruits him for a special task; to investigate the veracity of a divine apparition in a small French village.

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The Apparition Directed by Xavier Giannoli

Critics reviews

Ms. Bellugi is a real find; she inhabits her character, who, even as she hides her secrets, is so genuinely beatific that you can hear it in her breathing. Which makes it even more of a shame that the movie, which for two hours is an absorbing, detailed procedural, becomes so willfully diffuse in its final 20 minutes.
September 06, 2018
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Though the narrative begins with intrigue, and cinematographer Eric Gautier (Into the Wild, School of Life) provides some visual thrills, the film is overlong and unconvincing in the end.
September 06, 2018
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What are people saying?

  • Mike Jempson's rating of the film The Apparition

    A gripping spiritual thriller. A damaged war reporter confronted by a damaged innocent and the mystery of how faith can generate big business, hypocrisy, and cruelty as well as kindness, good works and sacrifice. Vincent Lindon and Galatea Bellugi give riveting performances. I am more forgiving about the ending than some critics - which may be the point of the film...

  • PFL's rating of the film The Apparition

    Vincent Lindon brings a melancholy gravitas to Giannoli's mysterious and contemplative, "The Apparition". Whilst a little over-reliant on its use of music (particularly Arvo Part's "Fratres") to create atmosphere, it is nevertheless an admirably intelligent and serious piece of work, beautifully shot by cinematographer Eric Gautier.

  • Tja's rating of the film The Apparition

    Fine casting of Vincent Linden as the battle-hardened photo journalist with issues, up against the weird and sinister might of the Catholic church. Plot avoids emotional cliches and keeps us guessing to the end. French cinema at its finest. Now, where did I leave my rosary beads ...?

  • Muriel's rating of the film The Apparition

    Handsomely mounted religious drama, which struggles between a predictable plot (the exploitation of the faithful and innocent) and articulating the idea of the sacred against technological society and visible experience. Though acting on a familiar register, Vincent Lindon is immensely watchable as the hardened, damaged reporter in search of empirical proof. And yet, such momentous narrative and so little pay-off.

  • Richard Stopford's rating of the film The Apparition

    The premises are great: how do you call hoax on phenomena that your own institution relies upon? How do you do that without admitting that what is at issue is power? How does power clash with the lived, mundane experiences of trauma and faith. As procedural, concerned with knowledge-making, myth-making, politics and power, it was good. But it slowly veered into tired, tropey treatments of faith and redemption. Shame.

  • Jon's rating of the film The Apparition

    A study of contrasting friendships. To take the ending at face value is not to do this film justice, for me tjhe most moving part is that a man (the implacable Lindon) finds redemption, not through religion, but despite it. Wonderful score.

  • Robert H's rating of the film The Apparition

    "I think you're dangerous. I think you're empty". An intriguing premise which kept a level and delicate tone, which was refreshing and relaxing - thanks also to a beautiful soundtrack. There is a tender uneasiness to the character played Lindon, but his curiousity is fascinating and driven to find answers. Worth a viewing, broken into a number of chapters with a mellow ending which could be taken a number of ways.

  • Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Apparition

    The acting is good but the rest is lacking in this tale of a veteran journalist sent to investigate the veracity of a potential vision. There's an 18-year-old girl at the centre of the hullabaloo, but there's also more to the story than is immediately apparent. Trying to find that out takes the main character on a journey that explores faith, truth, and the strength required to carry a personal burden through life.

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