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1,283 Ratings


Directed by György Pálfi
Hungary, Austria, 2006
Cult, Comedy, Drama


Three men from three generations of the same family. An obese speed eater, an embalmer of gigantic cats, and a man who shoots fire from below the waist. The story of these three men is told by the youngest member of the family.

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Taxidermia Directed by György Pálfi

What are people saying?

  • Anand Kani's rating of the film Taxidermia

    Surreal, grotesque and incredibly inventive, Taxidermia is a bizarre tale of the limits of the human body, a rich allegory of post war Hungary, and a stunning visual experience that is also an endurance test.

  • Susana Bessa's rating of the film Taxidermia

    This is gruesome, disgusting and incredibly imaginative body horror cinema. If you can stomach it until its resolution, you'll feel both the originality as well as the hiper-surrealism and nausea coming to you as such disturbing subject matters are being discussed. It is good at what it proposes to do and its grotesqueness will quickly remind of both Jodorowski or Spasojevic and their Central European tendencies.

  • Miggy Angel's rating of the film Taxidermia

    Taxidermy is the art of stuffing the skin of the deceased. Taxidermia is where the cadavers of the dead are brought to life. How apt a title for this carnivalesque of grotesques, bleak fairytale rogues, septic protagonists of weird & wired cautionary yarns. I loved its complete disregard for the manners of modern realist cinema. Gyorgy Palfi has inherited his own dark corner of the woods. Folk tales for broken folk.

  • Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Taxidermia

    In the dark and twisted world of Taxidermia there is a multitude of horror. The deprived and depraved sexuality of private Morosgoványi gives birth, through fantasy and lust to a string of symbolic tales of sin. Perhaps inspired by "se7en", perhaps not, Taxidermia feels like the movie about modern Hungarian history that David Fincher would direct were he born on the East side of the Iron Curtain.

  • Jeremiah-Johnson's rating of the film Taxidermia

    Totally surreal, nerve-wrenching, gut-turning stuff... Not for the faint of heart, in any means, but one of the most underrated and spectacular films I've ever seen. Hilarious when it's not invoking bouts of nausea, and sometimes even then, but also fairly sensitive when dealing with human emotion, which it does evocatively and with a masterful and satiric touch. Certainly not to be missed!

  • Pale Scribe's rating of the film Taxidermia

    You'll need a strong stomach for this one. Incredible camera work and surreal environments but lackluster characters. It's three disjointed tales following three generations of losers who will nauseate you in different ways. Without likeable protagonists, the viewers may have difficulty staying engaged. Its over-the-top visceral nature offers a charm that would appeal to horror / dark comedy fans.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Taxidermia

    An indigestible digest of the worst of contemporary cinema: Jeunet and Caro, Von Trier, Seidl e tutti quanti, the spy-movie promoter of the human vulgarity and obscenity transformed into a surplus value of a supposedly smart and interventional comic. An aesthetic and ethical horror.

  • daniel v's rating of the film Taxidermia

    I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a director's sophomore effort than I was with this. To me Hukkle is an overlooked masterpiece and one of the best films of the 2000's, yet this film comes across as derivative Jean-Pierre Jeunet. While I always admire directors who go out of their comfort zone and try different things, the film really didn't do much for me.

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