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Directed by Richard Linklater
United States, 2001


Vince, who has just rented a room in a motel on his return to his hometown, is visited by Jon, an old high school friend, to whom he has never forgiven the stealing and possibly raping his high-school girlfriend, Amy. The two talk all night in the hotel room until Amy arrives.

Tape Directed by Richard Linklater

Critics reviews

Linklater’s recurring tennis-match swish-pans, back-and-forth camera fluctuations from face to face, attempt to catch up with every role reversal, every glint of weaselly determination, in an effort to harness the visual clues that the audio tape cannot grasp.
June 28, 2004
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Shot on dingy DV entirely within the motel room’s walls, yet tautly structured, resourcefully framed and vigorously performed, the result is neither drab nor theatrical, but credible and compelling.
July 12, 2002
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As an exercise in analytical decoupage—the French term for a “breakdown into shots,” which effectively combines the meanings of mise en scene and editing—it shows Linklater’s unmistakable flair for interpreting and inflecting the story’s main lines of force as well as its dramatic peaks and valleys, for slithering around the characters to frame them from unorthodox angles, and for briskly swinging back and forth between them in aggressive whip pans.
November 16, 2001
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