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  1. generallaurodelvillar's rating of the film Subway

  2. Pedro Paulo Capovilla's rating of the film Subway

    Luc acerta demais com com a criação de um sub mundo do metro.

  3. Gustavo Neves's rating of the film Subway

    esse eu entendi, gostei, um filme sobre metrô, curti

  4. Rolando.Larico's rating of the film Subway

  5. Kornovska's rating of the film Subway

    Damn. Possiblement le meilleur rôle de Christophe Lambert... La musique de Serra est extraordinaire. Juste wow.

  6. Gino Eelen's rating of the film Subway

    Aah the Eighties. Mixed feelings. So fake, and yet it all was so real. Even the hairstyle. Seriously. Enjoyed the movie, but hard to separate value from nostalgia. I guess I'm not a good judge on this one.

  7. Carlitos's rating of the film Subway

    Excelente fotografía, pésima musicalización, huecos narrativos. Inicio flojo, se va arreglando a medida que avanza.

  8. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Subway

  9. angusomade's rating of the film Subway

    Perfectly imperfect and endlessly re-watchable. Featuring effortlessly cool performances by Jean Reno as the unnamed drummer and Isabelle Adjani channeling all the ghosts of punks past.

  10. mmassias's rating of the film Subway

  11. Alex's rating of the film Subway

  12. Sonia Marybel's rating of the film Subway

    Buena película , por los tipos raros que muestra en este caso el metro de Paris. Pocos perfiles a investigar y sin nexo , solo el visual , exagerado de los 80 . Música excelente !

  13. Davi Reis's rating of the film Subway

    Divertido de forma simples, bonito aos olhos, viagem aos anos 80.

  14. Art Now's rating of the film Subway

    Le monde onirique de Fred vibre au rythme moderne dans le dédale des galeries parallèles du métro parisien des années 80. Dans un futur proche le ciel est invisible, on est plus du tout certain de voir encore le soleil. L'argent liquide existe encore. Le centre de caméra surveillance est en vitrine au cœur de ce monde parallèle où le génie musicale tricote les petites loupures pour faire une œuvre de grande facture.

  15. msmichel's rating of the film Subway

    Besson's second film was a box office and critical hit in France but was basically a cult item in North America. A shame as it reps the genesis of Besson's visual style, themes and eccentricities. One would be hard pressed to spell out the meaning or intent here but the film is chock full of quite wonderful individual scenes especially the first rehearsal of 'the band' or Adjani's put down of a dinner party.

  16. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Subway

    What can I say about this movie? It's very eighties, some blood into Truffaut, Isabelle absolutely marriageable and down to the stairs at the metro. Arthur Simms crying and singing. Beautifulness.

  17. aam's rating of the film Subway

    Very silly. I like it that's not so plot heavy and we just see the characters running around.

  18. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Subway

    I don't know how some people can mention Luc Besson in the same sentence as Leos Carax, but they should be put on trial as heretics. Like every movie is the director's filmography, every secondary characters is crushed into idiotic caricatures by Besson's plastic, outdated, big-budget music-video misanthropy. Here lies the beginning of French cinema's greatest evil; trying desperately to be Hollywood.

  19. brunord's rating of the film Subway

  20. Jieyl's rating of the film Subway

  21. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Subway

    Final score: 7. Storyline: 7, Originality: 7, Cinematography: 7, Involvement: 6, Sound: 6, Editing: 7, Educational: 7, Title design: 7, Acting: 7, Interesting: 7, Unusual: 8, Exciting: 7, Superior: 7

  22. Gabriel Vasto Laurindo De Masi's rating of the film Subway

    This movie again reveals the impressive ability of character building by Besson. It's amazing how he can tell us a little bit of every character in the movie, and how excentric they are. Althoug the history gets a little confused sometimes, Besson gives a lesson on how to start an how to end a movie. It's worthy to mention that the music has an essential role, which resembles the Beethoven scene from Leon.

  23. Kaliope's rating of the film Subway

    Stylish and chaotic. The film focuses on an eccentric young man’s infatuation with a woman as well as the people and situations he stumbles across while hiding out in the Paris subway system. There isn’t much of a structured story and don’t look too hard for a resolution, but watching the off-beat characters interact with each other partly made up for those elements.

  24. Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film Subway

    É muito chato! A direção é pouco inspirada (apesar de ter sido celebrada como "esperta"), o roteiro é horroroso, o ritmo é insosso, e a celebrada trilha musical de Eric Serra compensa-se pelas canções, mas envelheceu mal. O elenco chama a atenção pelo charme, mas os personagens são vazios, e o desfecho tenta emular ACOSSADO, mas sem paixão, visto que é tudo conduzido de maneira imediatista e impessoal... - WPC>

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