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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Walker's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    Damn solid adaptation of a stellar novel. Well-edited, and I thought the little bits the director added tied the thing together nicely (for Derby's relationship to the figurine). Some parts are a bit dated and/or tame (the studio aesthetic is an issue during the scenes in the ruins of Dresden) but I was expecting as much.

  2. Andre's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    A strange, sometimes repetitive, but often beguiling low - tech sci - fi film. There are typically lovely pieces of early 70's rhyming editing. What resonates the most is how little difference there is between time travel and memory; and how memory can both crush and build character. Sacks somehow makes this blank slate compelling. Not a total success, but haunting

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    Adaptée d'un remarquable roman de science-fiction, cette transposition cinématographique respecte l'esprit et la tonalité de l'oeuvre littéraire, dans son incisive dénonciation de la violence, qu'elle soit physique et légitimée, comme en temps de guerre, insidieuse et souterraine, avec ses rigoureux codes sociétaux et ses pesantes obligations sociales.

  4. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    I wouldn't necessarily call this a time-travel movie. It's so much more. It's a great book and movie based on Vonnegut's experiences during the war. It also has the incredible Valerie Perrine, who is not that hard to look at. How many amazing movies did George Roy HIll make?

  5. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    Editing feels Nicholas Roeg-y but I'm not sure this version really capture the humor in the novel- it might be impossible? I did find effective the scenes after the war with Billy Pilgrim and his family. Those scenes in the "present" captured the post-war meaninglessness quite well but the past and the future seem silly and dated to me but interesting to think how they tried to do it.

  6. marco's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

  7. kari1717's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

  8. sarunasm's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    The movie doesn't offer anything there's not in the novel and misses many things you can find in the novel. No additional value is created. The main theme of death in the novel is completely erased from the movie. The third person voice is missed. Can't imagine Slaughterhouse-five without the famous "So it goes."

  9. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    Una película antibélica extraña y original en su manejo del tiempo.

  10. rllr's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    To make a good script from the book is one thing, to make a pretty decent film from it is pretty remarkable.

  11. Joshua Courtade's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    I enjoyed the novel, but the sort of stream-of-consciousness time jumping doesn't really work in a movie. Billy Pilgrim doesn't drive the story; he's more like a passenger. Not harrowing enough to be truly profound, nor funny enough to be satirical. Decent performances, and some of the scenes are well staged, but on the whole, it's pretty mediocre.

  12. Lucas Lacámara's rating of the film Slaughterhouse-Five

    A great adaptation, but why aren't there any Tralfamadorians hopping around?