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  1. Photo of Thomas Carter

    Thomas Carter Director

  2. Photo of Duane Adler

    Duane Adler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cheryl Edwards

    Cheryl Edwards Screenplay

  4. Photo of Julia Stiles

    Julia Stiles Cast

  5. Photo of Sean Patrick Thomas

    Sean Patrick Thomas Cast

  6. Photo of Kerry Washington

    Kerry Washington Cast

  7. Photo of Fredro Starr

    Fredro Starr Cast

  8. Photo of Terry Kinney

    Terry Kinney Cast

  9. Photo of Bianca Lawson

    Bianca Lawson Cast

  10. Photo of Vince Green

    Vince Green Cast

  11. Photo of Garland Whitt

    Garland Whitt Cast

  12. Photo of Elisabeth Oas

    Elisabeth Oas Cast

  13. Photo of Artel Great

    Artel Great Cast

  14. Photo of Cory Stewart

    Cory Stewart Cast

  15. Photo of Jennifer Anglin

    Jennifer Anglin Cast

  16. Photo of Dorothy Martin

    Dorothy Martin Cast

  17. Photo of Kim Tlusty

    Kim Tlusty Cast

  18. Photo of Felicia Fields

    Felicia Fields Cast

  19. Photo of Ora Jones

    Ora Jones Cast

  20. Photo of Tab Baker

    Tab Baker Cast

  21. Photo of Kevin Reid

    Kevin Reid Cast

  22. Photo of Andrew Rothenberg

    Andrew Rothenberg Cast

  23. Photo of Mekdes Bruk

    Mekdes Bruk Cast

  24. Photo of Ronald Ray

    Ronald Ray Cast

  25. Photo of Tai'isha Davis

    Tai'isha Davis Cast

  26. Photo of Karimah Westbrook

    Karimah Westbrook Cast

  27. Photo of Erica Hubbard

    Erica Hubbard Cast

  28. Photo of Richmond Talauega

    Richmond Talauega Cast

  29. Photo of Whitney Powell

    Whitney Powell Cast

  30. Photo of Robbie Greenberg

    Robbie Greenberg Cinematography

  31. Photo of Mark Isham

    Mark Isham Music

  32. Photo of Paul Eads

    Paul Eads Production Design

  33. Photo of Robert W. Cort

    Robert W. Cort Producer

  34. Photo of David Madden

    David Madden Producer

  35. Photo of Peter E. Berger

    Peter E. Berger Editing

  36. Photo of Jeff Canavan

    Jeff Canavan Editing

  37. Photo of Fritz Feick

    Fritz Feick Editing

  38. Photo of Susan Kurtz

    Susan Kurtz Sound

  39. Photo of Sandra Hernandez

    Sandra Hernandez Costume Design