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  1. Josh the Bookseller's rating of the film Safe

    As a hypochondriac I am obligated to dole out five stars.

  2. MISS RICHIE's rating of the film Safe

    Minus a star for that last hour.

  3. inkedblues's rating of the film Safe

  4. SalmaanRafique's rating of the film Safe

    I am not sure if the narrative really worked. The director did a great job of stringing together some great scenes, but the film remains a virtuoso performance by Moore. It rings hollow at the core, as do "artsy" films that try their hand at social problems. Social problems, like Ibsen's plays, demand a solution, and treating them in this quasi high art fashion leaves a lot out.

  5. Yang's rating of the film Safe

    so consistently equivocal, there's a consistent balance between space and intensity in Hayne's camera. Among the number of interpretations, I think the film is extremely great at conveying the self-doubt and mental atrophy which occurs when there's friction with norms and expectations. Carol's alienation and distance from everyone around her is so indelible. 4.5

  6. Pedro_Fernandes's rating of the film Safe

    Every single frame of this movie is shot to perfection

  7. abieleau's rating of the film Safe

    A 'pervasive mood' can't carry an entire film for two hours.

  8. Nicole Richie's rating of the film Safe

  9. Ting Pan's rating of the film Safe

    Julianne Moore amazed me

  10. misu's rating of the film Safe

  11. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Safe

    A disturbing and mesmeric film turning a subtle but scornful eye on the lifestyles and obsessions of rich suburbanites and the dubious convictions of new age gurus. Juliette Moore seems to waste away before our eyes till all she has left is the ghost of her former self, drained of energy and intellect. Both of its time and ahead of its time since it resonates with the language of Extinction Rebellion zealots.

  12. Alex Doca's rating of the film Safe

    While not necessarily my favourite style of filmmaking, I found it to be a decent effort; worth watching and learning from.

  13. mis marg's rating of the film Safe

    Decompensation occurring on learning one has something out of the ordinary,which will be not easy to fix. The perils of being different quickly show, cleaving social status and relationships in an instant. Finding a way to dodge some of those 60k chemical products. Topical, (the number is greater nowadays.)

  14. theworkingname's rating of the film Safe

    You need to stick this one out, but Haynes delivers with a distinct late-twentieth century mood piece.

  15. Pok's rating of the film Safe

    Película de horror para hipocondriacos y gente con alergias. Sirve como alegoría de la deshumanización presente en la civilización Occidental y el capitalismo. Es fácil ver a la gente sensible como locos o inadaptados. Lo triste es que la película presenta como imposible el encontrar un justo medio entre la sociedad y el individuo, el consumismo y el amor propio, sacrificando una cosa por la otra.

  16. I.Camera's rating of the film Safe

    Safe feels at one with Mulholland Drive and Magnolia in its depiction of a hellish LA, depicting a different type of White Flight. Julianne Moore, starting a tremendous run of films, is excellent as the housewife terrorized by modern life, pushed to greater degrees of isolation. There's something Cronenberg-like in its haunting score and general unease, particularly when the plot relocates to a 'purified' rural cult.

  17. babycakesromero's rating of the film Safe

    classic indie from the 90s. director and star show why they are both still at top of the film chain.

  18. Joe's rating of the film Safe

    Fantastic! Eeerily realistic and spooky

  19. teddy rennie's rating of the film Safe

    An upsetting insight into the possible desolaition experienced by the average unremarkable person and the impacts this loneliness can have on their own sense of self. The soundtrack also gave impressive magnitude to seemingly mundane activities (e.g. salon scene).

  20. JamieM's rating of the film Safe

    This could honestly pass as a psychological horror film, especially early on when Carol begins to bear the brunt of her environmental illness, as the rote facade that everyday life seems to present shatters. Although it doesn't retain an overt sense of horror the whole way through, the feelings of isolation and disconnect remain, with equally sobering results. One of the most unsettling films I have seen in a while.

  21. SiIencio's rating of the film Safe

    Documentary in the skin of a drama but with no drama and less documenting. The allegation against the perniciousness of modern industrialisation finds itself stuck in the wrong format, dull & dumb, regrettable. Julianne Moore is the fragile, disempowered middle-class housewife struggling to emancipate but her perils are seemingly so banal, often inscrutable, at times even clownish, a summary of this dispensable film.

  22. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Safe

    Getting to the end of this was like walking barefoot on broken glass.

  23. lifetimeguarantee's rating of the film Safe

  24. Gavanavich's rating of the film Safe

    Moore is astonishing in this role. I think it could have been darker in places and shame about the music, dates it. I found it quite unsettling in places and the disjointedness added to this low budget but well driven thriller.

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