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  1. DenoResandono's rating of the film [REC]

    REC is one of the popular example of a decent found-footage horror. I loved the way this movie tells its story. We will be introduced to some characters at the beginning to get along with them & the horror began to start terrorized the audience. Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza knew how to scare and to entertaining their audience at the same time. Most of the times, it really worked. Though, it felt rushed at some parts.

  2. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film [REC]

    One of the absolute pinnacles of the found-footage sub-genre. Not only does REC function as a genuinely good horror film, engaging with requisite scenes of terror & suspense, violence & emotion, it remains rigidly faithful to its self-reflexive concept. Never breaking character to cheat the audience, the filmmakers use restrictions in the format to find new ways of presenting standard horror set-pieces & conventions.

  3. Jazmín's rating of the film [REC]

  4. Ante Prskalo's rating of the film [REC]

    One of the finest horror films of the previous decade. Fast-paced, almost perfectly-executed and just plain vicious in its scares... This one is a must-see. (gave it 9/10 on imdb)

  5. chanandre's rating of the film [REC]

    [MUBI] This is a horror masterpiece that created a whole new subgenre and still it has very Spanish qualities to it. It is absolutely brutal and oh so very well crafted, shot, edited and super scary. A true classic.

  6. ayundya's rating of the film [REC]

    This is what I imagine how Resident Evil movies should be

  7. Adam Whybray's rating of the film [REC]

    3.5 stars. It's a solidly scary, intensely engaging film, which feels genuinely misanthropic to a degree I found it hard to like, though easy to respect. The final shot has no more narrative integrity than the final shot of 'Nightmare on Elm Street' and is similarly memory. I guess I prefer yer traditional Romero shamblin' zombies so for most horror fans you should add another half a star here to my rating!

  8. mahdis's rating of the film [REC]

  9. Vince Wynne's rating of the film [REC]

    The Blair Witch Project?? Never heard of it...

  10. FISCHER's rating of the film [REC]

    Sur la virevoltante thématique scénaristique du cinéma "in live", caméra au poing et percutantes techniques du reportage, Balaguero et Plaza nous proposent une "montée" en enfer plutôt réussie, même si le concept filmique finit forcément par buter à ses propres limites et générer une forme d'accoutumance et de banalisation visuelles.

  11. Mariana Cruz's rating of the film [REC]

    Found footage at its prime. The Blair Witch started it, REC perfected it.

  12. ammar's rating of the film [REC]

  13. Thomas Dods's rating of the film [REC]

    I saw this film ten years ago and I still vividly remember how scared I was. Like a smack in the face.

  14. anschyn's rating of the film [REC]

    can't stand those spanish screaming and talking like crazy had to turned down the volume (a bit of rage of myself while watching), but this sure good tense of horror movie

  15. bogdann's rating of the film [REC]

    tension-building, scary and all the right things

  16. TimotStillHere's rating of the film [REC]

  17. ionu's rating of the film [REC]

  18. richardlawrn's rating of the film [REC]

  19. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film [REC]

    I don't know if it technically holds up that well a decade after it was made, but if you're looking for some jumps and jolts, I suppose you could do worse. It occurred to me that this movie is staged a lot like a ride through a haunted house, with lots of the cannibals being confined to specific locations so their appearances can be timed for maximum effect. Not bad for a fright, but doesn't quite stand out either.

  20. Juan Valero's rating of the film [REC]

    Si es una película que que da miedo o no, creo que es lo menos importante del caso. De alguna forma, REC, llegó a reactivar un estilo de realización del cuál se creía ya no se podría sacar mucho más después de la 'Bruja de Blair'.

  21. ceknklsn's rating of the film [REC]

  22. Lucii Lugo's rating of the film [REC]

    REC es una de las mejores películas de terror de found footage y de las pocas que vale la pena ver. Crea desde el inicio una atmósfera espeluznante y sumamente realista. La historia puede que no sea muy original, ni el formato, ni los diálogos; sin embargo con todos estos errores aún logra capturar a la audiencia en todo momento y crear una tensión constante. ¡Muy recomendable!

  23. Rafael Lara's rating of the film [REC]

    Great because it is one of the first movies that introduced the "camcorder" in cinema. Good and realistic performances.

  24. Raul Duarte's rating of the film [REC]

    La he visto como 5 veces y me sigue asustando los últimos 15 minutos como la primera vez.

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