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  1. Gabrielė Norkūnaitė's rating of the film RBG

    A documentary too conventional for such a badass woman.

  2. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film RBG

  3. Camila Carreira's rating of the film RBG

    a very square and classic documentary. RBG is so interesting that you can ignore some very cheesy decisions made with how to tell the story.

  4. Emile Tremblay's rating of the film RBG

  5. Duncan Gray's rating of the film RBG

    The filmmaking is as conventional as documentaries get, and little revelatory footage is unearthed. Choir-preaching? Undeniably. But even if we weren't praying that its subject lives another 6 years, this would still be a prime example on how to organize a doc to make a historical narrative smooth and purposeful. And, even while it's busy being starstruck, it has a perceptive eye for shifting American political life.

  6. HenriqueA's rating of the film RBG

    I can't say I wasn't let down by this hyped documentary. I know the woman is a very important symbol of democracy and women's rights activism today, but the film kinda tries to sell you on a reliable product and only sometimes remembers that this product is a human being with flesh and bones. But although the filmmaking part left me cold, Mrs. Ginsberg's story and presence are great nonetheless.

  7. Stein Ove Lien's rating of the film RBG

  8. Annie Gentil-Kraatz's rating of the film RBG

    This documentary is really informative about her life in general and also about her invaluable work defending women and minorities and fighting against injustice. She is such an inspiring character and she is incredibly fun too, not taking herself too seriously despite her position in the Supreme Court. I would happily watch it a second time. Now I understand what all the buzz is about and it is well deserved.

  9. thelastronaut's rating of the film RBG

    A well-made standard documentary, if that makes any sense.

  10. Danny Mansfield's rating of the film RBG

    A peek into the life of one of the most amazing women in United States history.

  11. jooley's rating of the film RBG

    Nothing groundbreaking here, but if you want a positive and inspiring light viewing that is relevant to the times we are living in (which is in dreadfully short supply), look no further. Quiet little old ladies garnering this kind of fame based on their competence and strength of character is exactly what we as a society should be hoping for. Cheers to her!

  12. Aardsy's rating of the film RBG

    Not Roald Dahl's best work.

  13. El Biffo's rating of the film RBG

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg is wonderful, amazing. This film is not my kinda thing, altho I suppose it is ok for what it is. Most of it is people sitting in chairs talking, or the camera panning over a still image. This doesn't fulfill my need for a "motion picture". The most visually interesting part was watching her work out in the gym. While I had this on, I made my dinner and ate it, and I'm sure I missed nothing.

  14. Loz Loory's rating of the film RBG

    An important documentary of an important historical figure. I had no idea of her history as an attorney who argued very specific cases to point out the discrepancies of treatment based on gender in U.S. law. People find it surprising that she was friends with Scalia; despite his political leanings, he was very similar to her husband: gregarious, funny, and cultured.

  15. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film RBG

    Like someone else said, the subject's more interesting than the film, itself. It seems to hit point-by-point Ginsberg's Wikipedia page, without really digging deeper into her as a person. On top of that, the method of presentation is a tad heavy-handed (the abstraction of quotes as they're being read in empty courtrooms, etc.)

  16. msmichel's rating of the film RBG

    The life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her acquired role/reputation in today's culture is well examined in this documentary by Betsy West and Julie Cohen. Ginsberg is a force of nature and feminist icon who indeed helped lay the path in the fight against patriarchal society and helped secure the role woman has in today's society. But the film is more than just political jargon showing us the humanistic/familial side too

  17. Django's rating of the film RBG

    A pretty by-the-numbers recounting of an amazing woman's life.

  18. Emiliauskas's rating of the film RBG

    fascinating person, mediocre film

  19. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film RBG

    Funny and informative. I thought I knew "RBG," but I didn't know the half of it. Very inspiring life story.

  20. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film RBG