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  1. Photo of G.W. Pabst

    G.W. Pabst Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ladislaus Vajda

    Ladislaus Vajda Screenplay

  3. Photo of Frank Wedekind

    Frank Wedekind Play

  4. Photo of Louise Brooks

    Louise Brooks Cast

  5. Photo of Fritz Kortner

    Fritz Kortner Cast

  6. Photo of Francis Lederer

    Francis Lederer Cast

  7. Photo of Carl Goetz

    Carl Goetz Cast

  8. Photo of Krafft-Raschig

    Krafft-Raschig Cast

  9. Photo of Alice Roberts

    Alice Roberts Cast

  10. Photo of Daisy d'Ora

    Daisy d'Ora Cast

  11. Photo of Gustav Diessl

    Gustav Diessl Cast

  12. Photo of Michael von Newlinsky

    Michael von Newlinsky Cast

  13. Photo of Sig Arno

    Sig Arno Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Casparius

    Hans Casparius Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Falkenberg

    Paul Falkenberg Cast

  16. Photo of Günther Krampf

    Günther Krampf Cinematography

  17. Photo of Willy Schmidt-Gentner

    Willy Schmidt-Gentner Music

  18. Photo of Heinz Landsmann

    Heinz Landsmann Producer

  19. Photo of Seymour Nebenzal

    Seymour Nebenzal Producer

  20. Photo of Joseph Fleisler

    Joseph Fleisler Editing and Screenplay

  21. Photo of Andrej Andrejew

    Andrej Andrejew Art Department

  22. Photo of Gottlieb Hesch

    Gottlieb Hesch Art Department and Costume Design

  23. Photo of Ernö Metzner

    Ernö Metzner Art Department