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  1. misu's rating of the film Orlando

  2. DenoResandono's rating of the film Orlando

    Although I haven't read the book yet. I had a thought that the book must be a masterpiece. Some people said that ORLANDO is feminist movie or a little bit about LGBT. But I didn't think so. I think ORLANDO is about someone who were looking for his/herself. It's a character study about someone who tried to face the changes in his/her surrounding. The set design was fantastic! As if - I was taken back to those years...

  3. jeyran's rating of the film Orlando

    4.5 Beautifully filmed. The costumes and set decoration are excellent, the soundtrack is so nice. Surreal and dreamlike.

  4. Parysatis's rating of the film Orlando

  5. Jeremy Tamura's rating of the film Orlando

    I loved this film, but wasn't amazed as the novel amazed me. Still a good film...

  6. Katherine Lo's rating of the film Orlando

    No doubt everything is visually stunning and ethereal - and Tilda Swinton is magical as always. However, for someone not already familiar with the story, it can be confusing. I liked the subtlety in the fantasy element, but the portrayal of the story is lacking depth. Enjoyable in some sense, but didn't take my breath away.

  7. Eilidh's rating of the film Orlando

    Tilda Swinton got me feeling all sorts... the cinematography was just as gorgeous.

  8. Johannes Black's rating of the film Orlando

    Woozy in its own, mystic entrancement, Sally Potter's 'Orlando' is a stunning feat of ethereal proportions. The young, beautiful Orlando evolves from man to woman across the strikingly-short running time, and with this change so does the world (or, at least, how it is perceived by him) rock, wane and tune itself to new feelings or patterns of expression. 'Orlando' is unlike anything else.

  9. raggiodisole's rating of the film Orlando

  10. Robert H's rating of the film Orlando

    I have huge admiration for Swinton as a versatile and compelling performer and Orlando is no exception. Despite my own ignorance of the source material I enjoyed the bizarre dreamlike narrative and poetic charms - "I think you suffer from a strange meloncholy, that is, you suffer in advance" and a beautifully sung track in the credits.

  11. MANY THINGS's rating of the film Orlando


  12. kirsten's rating of the film Orlando

    Cinema reaching its own high art. A imaginative gender bending time traveling masterpiece.

  13. Dan and Val Freeman's rating of the film Orlando

    Ideas come crashing through this film thick and fast, it looks great, it sounds great and Tilda is just translucently magnificent - as she always is. Does seem to lose it's way from when Billy Zane turns up but make no mistake this is a fantastic, ambitious, inventive, inspiring, thought-provoking adventure of a film.

  14. Clara Josephine Helbig's rating of the film Orlando

    Had I not read Virginia Woolf's novel I would have liked the film more. However, knowing the original I have to say that Sally Potter's adaptation lacks narrative depth and the surreal subtly of Woolf's writing. In spite of this - Tilda Swinton's performance is great (as always).

  15. Mitch North's rating of the film Orlando

    It looks lovely and has wonderful costume design but overall feels empty. At a grasp, the idea is that gender doesn't define you; only it does in practically all situations. Or perhaps that's the point? It's hard to tell but Swinton is enigmatic as ever. The first half is better than the second half.

  16. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Orlando

    An extraordinary vehicle for La Swinton. A sumptuously filmed time-traveling tale. Offers homage to Woolf's wonderful but puzzling novel and even more timely, 25 years, on in the allegedly post-feminist era of trans liberation. Loved the music and the catalogue of vignettes from a surprisingly starry cast, the witty use of Jimmy Somerville and the ultimate gender-bender Quentin Crisp as an ageing Queen Elizabeth.

  17. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Orlando

    Sally Potter captures the essence of Virginia Woolf's novel and consequently continues the story to the present time. There are some really stunning sequences, and the film generally shows a great sensibility for dramaturgy of camera movements (like during some dialogues), but also for colors, sounds and the use of music.

  18. Eriugena82's rating of the film Orlando

    It was quite clever and witty, but other than a few particularly stunning scenes it just didn't leave a strong impression. I wouldn't say it was a bad film by any means and it's themes of gender, equality, identity are worth pursuing but considering it's a tale of an individual whose life spans four centuries I actually found a lot of it quite shallow, particularly it's treatment of it's historical figures.

  19. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Orlando

    This is a good film, in many ways, and there are people who will find more of value in it than I did. It just didn't ever fully click into place for me, despite the sure hand of Potter and the many solid performances from her assembled cast.

  20. Paul Dogioiu's rating of the film Orlando

  21. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Orlando

    Very good. Beautiful. And rather strange. Tilda is great.

  22. Mimi Xu's rating of the film Orlando

  23. SiIencio's rating of the film Orlando

    Difficult adaptation where the mammoth task of squeezing the original in leaves the seams exposed. Only Tilda Swinton and the generous cinematography make this experience enjoyable for the duration of the film. Charming and quirky but soft and shallow.

  24. alexandra_h's rating of the film Orlando

    "The same person, not a difference at all, just a different sex." Flamboyant Tilda Swinton, full of grace and spirit. The costumes are exquisite...

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