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  1. lesminho's rating of the film Omar

  2. Loz Loory's rating of the film Omar

    Powerful and moving. Good characters, good script, good cinematography. Wish Hollywood would realize it's unnecessary to plaster music tracks and sound effects on top of action films. This film has neither and is all the better for it.

  3. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Omar

    (4.5 stars) The director does a great job of not letting the film rest in any one classification too long. He relies upon great storytelling and wonderful actors to carry the emotional weight he has given them. Plus, the camerawork is fantastic. It's really captures the heart and soul of these actors as they maneuver their way around the tricky political and social morays they have been cast into.

  4. Semaj Hatcher's rating of the film Omar

    Omar is not typically my type of film but overall i would say it was okay. It captured traits of a melo drama and a semi action/thriller. The political tension remains thru out the film and basically tells a story of three childhood friends who are poverty stricken and born into the war that seems to have no end. I find it interesting that everything that takes place in this movie has a consequence and fear is among

  5. Tania Ahmadi's rating of the film Omar

    A momentary pleasure...Despite the brutality of the synopsis, the film speaks to the delicacy of human relationships and the purity of love... Hany Abu-Assad's masterpiece.

  6. Eric Miller's rating of the film Omar

    This movie was way better than what I expected. The story was great however was upsetting because he ended up an informant. The scene where the guy is torturing him and he takes all that punishment and still didn't speak was inspiring. The cinematography was good to they used a lot of different times of day to switch up the lighting in the movie. I just wished the movie would have allowed him to stay a rebel.

  7. Ayinde Anderson's rating of the film Omar

    Solid film. I think it was a bit rough around the edges particularly in the acting and design of some moments, but the writing was great. There was that great moment later on in the film where he struggled getting up the wall that I thought summarized his journey poignantly.

  8. Ahmed Hasan's rating of the film Omar

  9. Addy K.'s rating of the film Omar

    I'm always fascinated by the exploration of young love on screen. For the Nouvelle Vague, it was bubbly, free-spirited romps…but others have been 'less kind' to what love embodies. Enter Abu-Assad, who craftily uses amour to restate what Melville perfected in ARMY OF SHADOWS: suspicion. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is merely a canvas to flesh out the cold, harsh realities of love and war in an apathetic world.

  10. Edgar Echeverría's rating of the film Omar

    Conflictos de medio oriente, historias de amor, de amistad, de traición y muerte, al final, siempre tiene que cuidarse uno de los demás e incluso de sí mismo.

  11. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Omar

    A peek into the brutal Israeli Occupation of Palestine - from the first view of the Separation Wall. It is also a love story and political thriller.

  12. smokescreen's rating of the film Omar

    Didn't expect it to be so depressing, I guess.

  13. Amanda A.Costa's rating of the film Omar

    Do you know how they catch monkeys in Africa?

  14. Hayat's rating of the film Omar


  15. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Omar

  16. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Omar

  17. ORAS's rating of the film Omar

    Garbage, What is so annoying that such films make the most number of the audience by the Content & thats it. Cheep character study, Dialogue & script, TV material & even worse, People need to learn that an important story doesn't nesserly justify a bad film,

  18. Adam Kustura's rating of the film Omar

    Such good drama, so heartbreaking; and really rises above itself in the last 30mins to become quite an exceptionally made, well executed film and a triumphant feature debut for Adam Bakri. Leem Lubany, Iyad Hoorani and Samer Bisharat put in great 1st-time performances as well.

  19. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Omar

    More a documentary than a fiction movie because of its theme. But is it possible nowadays to make a movie occulting the political situation for a Palestinian filmmaker? Recommended.

  20. HenriqueA's rating of the film Omar

  21. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Omar

    The Director has a unique skill of taking genre elements and then using them to his advantage in constructing a story that is actually quite politically subversive and challenging.

  22. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Omar

    Film noir under the West Bank sun.

  23. korush's rating of the film Omar

    قضیه پیچیده تر از این صحبتاس

  24. glitchedplant's rating of the film Omar

    slightly disappointing because the arabic was all over the place. ironically the good arabic speaker was the israeli agent. alright plot (that stretched for no reason?), beautiful cinematography and some serious parkour moves.

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