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  1. etilen's rating of the film Notre musique

    Does a peopIe or a country... that has great poets... have the right to defeat a peopIe that doesn't have poets? Can a peopIe be strong... without writing poetry?

  2. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Notre musique

    Perhaps Godard's best 21st century film, not only unlocking all the others but doing so in a way that feels as impassioned as cerebral. The opening is lucidly horrific. The middle is rich with too many ideas to count, chiefly the failure of art to do justice to complex political reality. The ending is a pained, self-reflexive reminder that "Paradise", both philosophical and cinematic, is an exclusionary privilege.

  3. spAce_'s rating of the film Notre musique

    "Killing a man to defend an idea isn't defending an idea. It's killing a man. When it's all over, nothing is the same. Violence leaves a deep scar. A trace of the oblivion always remains."

  4. Nachtreich's rating of the film Notre musique

  5. Balthaz21's rating of the film Notre musique

  6. Ethan's rating of the film Notre musique

    Godard's ongoing journey to find the truth in cinema.

  7. anschyn's rating of the film Notre musique

    ini seharusnya gambaran godard yang seperti saya ekspektasikan sebelumnya, sayang nonton la chinoise duluan , film ter-munafik yang pernah saya nonton.

  8. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Notre musique

    One of Godard's most poetic films- a great statement about war, literature, and humanity and the conflicts we face!

  9. Marc St-Cyr (Death cinéphilia)'s rating of the film Notre musique

    Need a second viewing, like most of JLG i've seen. The « Hell section » is dazzling. JLG is alone.

  10. Víctor H's rating of the film Notre musique

    Definitivamente no es para todo público. Godard utiliza la libertad que el reconocimiento como Director le permite para realizar un filme político. El aspecto técnico está dotado de un impresionante montaje en Infierno, una buena fotografía, un guión que por momentos falla pero se reivindica con la tercera parte. Película densa y a pesar de todo, recomendable, siempre y cuando uno se disponga a seguir las metáforas

  11. Gregory Van Bellinghen's rating of the film Notre musique

    A must see. to be seen again and again and again. the music, the montage, war, love, peace, cinema, history, the 20th century, its our world we live in.complex but beautiful.

  12. João Eça's rating of the film Notre musique

    What makes Godard great is that people are there with the strength and dignity of Ford or Costa. Irony, distanciation, abstraction of space and time, discoursive or didactic dialogues, intertitles and the insistence on intervals doesn't implicate hate or despise. On the contrary, this film is about the suffering of people on the modern world and its Dantesque structure is a powerful metaphor. Beautiful and moving.

  13. Kenrick Block's rating of the film Notre musique

    I hope I get to Godard's heaven

  14. Mike Archibald's rating of the film Notre musique

    Guess I've changed a lot in the 8 yrs since I first saw this--now it looks like a masterpiece. With the 20th century over Godard arrives at a near-terminal point, where extremes of tragedy and beauty have broken down sense and can almost seem equal. He's concerned with the very nature of differentiation, which is about as deep as it gets, and he honours the dilemma in every way he can. Brilliant.

  15. er_sagt's rating of the film Notre musique

    "Two things hold me back: one minor, the other major, but the minor one is a major, too." --What's the minor one? "The pain." --Is it that important? Can't you kill yourself without pain? And the second reason, the major one? "The next world."

  16. Rui Tenreiro's rating of the film Notre musique

    Less quotes of wonder and awe would make for a better trailer which actually shows what the film is about.

  17. orangey's rating of the film Notre musique

    Godard can be either genius,interesting of annoying.Sad to say this fits in the last category.Even die hard fans like american critic Jonathan Rosenbaum wore skeptical about it

  18. Jon's rating of the film Notre musique

    If Godard wants to inspire communication and understanding, why does he insist on being so aggressively opaque?

  19. Maria Muller's rating of the film Notre musique

    how I was introduced to the Godardian world ? watching Notre Music. I have a pre - Godard and a post - Godard era ...

  20. - -'s rating of the film Notre musique

    A very good "essay" film (mostly) with an interesting structure. The annoying Godardian character political mouthpiece speech technique is kept to a minimum and the result is a dialogue about the image, politics and war that feels tied to actual emotions instead of distant abstractions. I loved the bookends.

  21. Reza Rosebud's rating of the film Notre musique

  22. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Notre musique

    After a rolling montage of war and devastation, and with the burnt ruins of Sarajevo still standing as a solitary witness to the last great horror of the 20th century, Godard asks the question: "how can we live?" The audience responds: "with our fingers in our ears and our eyes tightly closed." Heaven really is a place where nothing ever happens.

  23. tidal waif's rating of the film Notre musique

    it's funny how words betray the film. they do not lie, but they betray it. films like inglorious basterds or munchen betray levinas, but differently. in spite of sophisticated choices of texts and additional music,i found this film spiritless. if tolerance accepts two types of opposing certitudes, then how can it still define war as good vs. evil, since it is the clash of such equal systems of certitudes that war is?

  24. -VAHID-'s rating of the film Notre musique

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