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  1. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Mile 22

    Like most of Berg's work, the plot's a confused and dull, non-rhythmic slog, but his staging of red-hot action set pieces are yet again probably the best in the American mainstream this decade. Thus, it has some great parts with a great deal of padding. And Wahlberg's eccentric, always-hyped character is one of the more interesting personalities for an action hero I've seen in ages, even if he's not well developed.

  2. lucia lurzo's rating of the film Mile 22

  3. pluviosity's rating of the film Mile 22

    I dissed Iko Uwais' acting ability so many times in the past, but really..I owe him the biggest apology. He's the only thing awesome in this movie. He amazingly got so much better compared with his Raid days. Too bad his action skill and coreography got butchered by the lame editing. If it wasn't becauss of Wahlberg and the usual jingo-Islamophobic story, I'd give it an extra star.

  4. Enrico Benarivo's rating of the film Mile 22

  5. saitosouta's rating of the film Mile 22

    Intense jingoism overstuffed with blood and bullets, panopticon-like utilization of surveillance camera, disarming justification of heroic sacrifice for America. Such nauseatingly conservative elements are overwhelmed by pure cinematic pleasure like exquisite action sequences and Iko Uwais' extreme physicality in highly problematic yet thrillingly heart-pounding “Mile 22”. Peter Berg, my sweetest gilty pleasure.

  6. virginwolf's rating of the film Mile 22

    what are we supposed to be excited about the sequel? 23 miles? *facepalm*

  7. HKFanatic's rating of the film Mile 22

    I've been an ardent fan of the work director Peter Berg has done with Mark Wahlberg as of late, but "Mile 22" is a radical enough misfire to shake my faith in the filmmaker. For reasons unknown, seemingly well-choreographed action scenes were chopped to incoherence in the editing bay, and a former Blacklist script was rewritten into a morally repugnant loveletter to America's dirty ops around the globe. Avoid.

  8. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Mile 22

    The dynamic duo Berg/Wahlberg works on every occasion, no matter the subject approached. And this Mile 22 is such an atypical action movie, something quite different and not particular in a bad way. The action sequences are very well choreographed, so intense. The plot is interesting, somehow ambiguous but unfortunately acts just like an intro from a planned trilogy. The 2nd one needs to be done precisely. 5.75/10

  9. Nari da Xana's rating of the film Mile 22

  10. Denis Zordan's rating of the film Mile 22

  11. vordven's rating of the film Mile 22

  12. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Mile 22

  13. TheCentralRuhr's rating of the film Mile 22

    The stochastic editing pattern of the set-pieces are enlarged to the formal structure of the film itself. Ruthlessly shifting between no less than 4 separate locations at certain points while jumping time-frames backward/forward. Its politics are similarly muddled beyond comprehension, aimed at jingoistic conservative fantasy but ultimately self-defeating and perhaps (lamely) self-critical. At best, bemusing.

  14. msmichel's rating of the film Mile 22

    The Berg/Wahlberg team continues to bear fruit with this solid action thriller that has a cynical geopolitical undertone that plays along with the story. 'The Raid' star Iko Ulwais impresses here with another well choreographed turn as does Lauren Cohan. In the end it's a popcorn movie with at least half a brain.

  15. chanandre's rating of the film Mile 22

    This the worst summer movie? Let me laugh. I did not. Somewhere between Blackhat and The Raid, with dashes of Zero Dark Thirty and the paranoia and fear of The Siege. Berg really became a precision director and he seems to be the child of Frankenheimer and Mann, while sharing a Bay-like immediacy and no-bullshit approach to story telling. The political coda will be seen in November 2018. Millennials: vote for Dems.

  16. Rio Johan's rating of the film Mile 22

    An army deserter who tried to negotiate the US-fucking-Embassy for a protection in change of information. What information? Turns out that Indocarr/pesudo-Nesia is about to blow something dangerous in our beloved America. Predictably patriotioc. Well: to watch a Hollywood action flicks universie one has to realize that "America is always first" and the other countries are nothing but filthy enemies. Whatever.

  17. Bizzskip Nurse's rating of the film Mile 22

    untung ada iko uwais padahal hadeeeh

  18. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Mile 22

    Negara "Indocarr"? yasalam, bahasa nya Indonesia tapi orang-orangnya bukan Indonesia!! Sebegitu gak konsistennya.

  19. Setya Rahmah's rating of the film Mile 22

    Mile 22 tanpa Iko bagaikan sayur asem tanpa asem. Hambar! wkwkwk.

  20. smndvdcl's rating of the film Mile 22

    Action films will continue to be churned out as box office figures indicate that their popularity refuses to plateau. Another rote offering here: guns, explosions, pithy exchanges, heroism and pseudo-espionage plot. For better or worse, Wahlberg, Statham, Johnson, Neeson and Stallone can keep this genre going infinitely.