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Match Point

Directed by Woody Allen
United Kingdom, Ireland, 2005
Drama, Romance, Crime


A young British tennis instructor is desperate to leave his shabby past behind and enter the pristine ranks of high society. When he becomes torn between two woman—one from the world he wants to escape and one from the world he wants to join, a dark psychological match begins in his head.

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Match Point Directed by Woody Allen

Awards & Festivals

Academy Awards

2006 | Nominee: Best Writing, Original Screenplay

National Board of Review

2005 | Winner: Top Ten Films

Critics reviews

In almost all respects, Match Point is an improvement over Crimes and Misdemeanors. It’s better crafted and more absorbing, and it doesn’t have the distractions of Allen’s wisecracks and extended banal philosophizing. The storytelling is more streamlined, and the pace never flags, though the movie runs 20 minutes longer. It may be the first film in Allen’s career to carry an erotic charge, though it’s also less personally expressive than most of the others, and its characters are more generic.
January 13, 2006
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In “Match Point,” his most satisfying film in more than a decade, the director once again brings the bad news, delivering it with a light, sure touch. This is a Champagne cocktail laced with strychnine.
December 28, 2005
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Match Point is wittier and more coherent than anything [Woody] has done in ages; it is well made and well thought out to its very last shot. The point is that, as he turns 70—after a 40-year career in which he has directed 36 films, and acted in and/or wrote the screenplays for 10 more—Woody is near the top of his game.
November 28, 2005
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What are people saying?

  • suede's rating of the film Match Point

    9/10. Impressive. Disturbing. With brilliantly observed milieu-specific details. (See esp. Matthew Goode, who is so authentic it's incredible.)

  • Stefan Drees's rating of the film Match Point

    Nobody mentioned the brillant use of opera music throughout the movie on different levels: The historical Caruso recordings serve as commentaries to the narration, the visits of the opera and musical peformances are care- and meaningfully placed parts of the action and the large excerpt from Verdi’s »Otello« stresses the dramatic climax.

  • Dave's rating of the film Match Point

    Yes, it prominently shows off its influences, but I have always felt that this is coming from a different place. The ruminations on the role of luck in one’s life are interesting, and Woody uses the tennis metaphor to set the audience up in the final act. He uses the opening freeze frame of a tennis ball lingering over the net to toy with the audience in a way that would make even Hitchcock smile.

  • Brentos's rating of the film Match Point

    a recycled plot with various plot changes used to create a romantic thriller that leads to the downward spiral of a man trying to fix his mistakes using all the wrong means. also the soundtrack is killer, and the way Allen basically makes a film that is a reaction to Crime and Punishment is amazing--if only he hadn't made the C&P references/reactions so deliberately obvious.

  • Lee's rating of the film Match Point

    One of the crowning glories of the decade. Justified by strong performances from the highly talented cast, great direction from Woody Allen and an ingenious and exhilarating plot. This truly is a masterpiece, and an instant favourite.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Match Point

    One of Allen's darker and sharper in terms of its critical bite indictments on the haute bourgeoisie, its indifference and naive mind-set about values and norms. Coupled to the amorality of those who aim to climb quickly in the stratification ladder, the film scores many points in its Dostoevskyan resentment of luxury, is finely acted and provides a great theological subtext about hell as eternal guilt.

  • Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Match Point

    I always said ZELIG was Woody’s worst. Wrong! MATCH POINT is truly a dog of the doggiest type. Is it meant to be funny or is it shite from someone out of ideas? Unrealistic stilted dialogue & dreary unrealistic plot. Clearly he can't direct English actors. They seem to be pretending to be American actors pretending to be the sort of English characters Americans who've never met an English person imagine they must be.

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Match Point

    Competent assemblage of elements we've seen time and time before. It has a steady elan at the time but evaporates soon after (or rather the elements are returned to the shelf for the next rehash).

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