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2,113 Ratings


Directed by Lars von Trier
Denmark, Sweden, 2005
Drama, Avant-Garde, History


It is 1933, and after leaving Dogville, Grace, her father, and his army of villains head south. They happen to stop in front of an iron gate in Alabama and a panicked young black woman runs up to the car from a plantation where white masters still rule black slaves.

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Manderlay Directed by Lars von Trier

What are people saying?

  • Tibulle85's rating of the film Manderlay

    Sur un thème proche, Von Trier et Tarantino ont produit deux fables aussi brillantes que radicalement distinctes. Face a la disproportion fantasmatique et cathartique d'un Django, Manderlay pose une abstraction toute en ambiguïtés, bien davantage nourrie aux "post-colonial studies" (on pense à l’œuvre de Frantz Fanon par ex.). Le générique de fin est un sommet de noirceur sarcastique. Et ce film transpire le talent!

  • Harry Rossi's rating of the film Manderlay

    Absolutely ingenious. I feel as if this film is rather overlooked when compared to Dogville. Both are incredible works of art and filmmaking. However I do agree with Mike, Grace's character in this film is very absurd considering what happened in Dogville (this did not ruin my enjoyment of the film). I'd also like to mention the entire cast is unbelievable. Even if Dogville packed a harder punch this is a great film.

  • Caden Cotard's rating of the film Manderlay

    A genius work, and one of the greatest sequels ever. Even the change in cast is entirely appropriate. Why Lars von Trier is not held in higher regard than he is now, I do not know.

  • definedivine's rating of the film Manderlay

    Again i'm completely stunned by both, the story itself and the storytelling, the characters, the ending that blows you maybe even more than Dogville, but this two pieces are truly a work from genius.

  • Ethan's rating of the film Manderlay

    Like all von Trier films this is another gut punch that forces people to look upon their own shittiness and he perfectly captures the hypocrisy of the American ideal and how we underestimate each other based off of something as trivial as race. It would seem that von Trier is trying to tell us that no matter how good we think we are we are just as shitty as everyone else.

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Manderlay

    DOGVILLE sequel. VON TRIER is boring at times but one accepts long demonstrations for their strong conclusions. In Manderlay end credits, the images of racism on BOWIE's "Young Americans" are simply awesome! ==== Suite de Dogville. Parfois ennuyeux, VON TRIER, mais acceptons ses longues démonstrations pour ses conclusions fortes. En générique de fin, les images du racisme sur "Young Americans" de BOWIE, magistral!

  • ig_____or's rating of the film Manderlay

    In her own way, Brice Dallas Howard delivers a nice Grace: different from Nicole Kidman's, but still a fair and hopeful woman, caught up in an insidious situation, with a plot twist that I was not expecting. A nice follow-up to "Dogville", no doubt. I love Von Trier's minimal approach in terms of sets and scenarios in this yet-to-be-concluded trilogy about the USA.

  • T. J. Harman's rating of the film Manderlay

    As a sequel to Dogville, it's a failure. The Grace character from the previous film is unrecognizable not just because she's portrayed by a different actress but as written in context to the previous film. This would have worked better as a standalone film cause there's a lot to recommend in this dark un-pc film. Seeing it long after I saw Dogville helped in judging it on its own merits.

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