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  1. Photo of David Lean

    David Lean Director

  2. Photo of Ann Todd

    Ann Todd Cast

  3. Photo of Norman Wooland

    Norman Wooland Cast

  4. Photo of Ivan Desny

    Ivan Desny Cast

  5. Photo of Leslie Banks

    Leslie Banks Cast

  6. Photo of Barbara Everest

    Barbara Everest Cast

  7. Photo of Patricia Raine

    Patricia Raine Cast

  8. Photo of Susan Stranks

    Susan Stranks Cast

  9. Photo of Elizabeth Sellars

    Elizabeth Sellars Cast

  10. Photo of Eugene Deckers

    Eugene Deckers Cast

  11. Photo of André Morell

    André Morell Cast

  12. Photo of Barry Jones

    Barry Jones Cast

  13. Photo of Edward Chapman

    Edward Chapman Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Cadell

    Jean Cadell Cast

  15. Photo of Ivor Barnard

    Ivor Barnard Cast

  16. Photo of Douglas Barr

    Douglas Barr Cast

  17. Photo of Eva Bartok

    Eva Bartok Cast

  18. Photo of Hyma Beckley

    Hyma Beckley Cast

  19. Photo of George Benson

    George Benson Cast

  20. Photo of John Boxer

    John Boxer Cast

  21. Photo of Irene Browne

    Irene Browne Cast

  22. Photo of Albert Chevalier

    Albert Chevalier Cast

  23. Photo of Henry Edwards

    Henry Edwards Cast

  24. Photo of Moyra Fraser

    Moyra Fraser Cast

  25. Photo of Cameron Hall

    Cameron Hall Cast

  26. Photo of Owen Holder

    Owen Holder Cast

  27. Photo of David Horne

    David Horne Cast

  28. Photo of John Laurie

    John Laurie Cast

  29. Photo of Aileen Lewis

    Aileen Lewis Cast

  30. Photo of James McKechnie

    James McKechnie Cast

  31. Photo of Hugh Munro

    Hugh Munro Cast

  32. Photo of Anthony Newley

    Anthony Newley Cast

  33. Photo of Nicholas Phipps

    Nicholas Phipps Cast and Screenplay

  34. Photo of Kynaston Reeves

    Kynaston Reeves Cast

  35. Photo of Alfred Rodriguez

    Alfred Rodriguez Cast

  36. Photo of Amy Veness

    Amy Veness Cast

  37. Photo of Jack Vyvyan

    Jack Vyvyan Cast

  38. Photo of Caven Watson

    Caven Watson Cast

  39. Photo of Wylie Watson

    Wylie Watson Cast

  40. Photo of Molly Weir

    Molly Weir Cast

  41. Photo of Guy Green

    Guy Green Cinematography

  42. Photo of William Alwyn

    William Alwyn Music

  43. Photo of John Bryan

    John Bryan Production Design

  44. Photo of Stanley Haynes

    Stanley Haynes Producer and Screenplay

  45. Photo of Clive Donner

    Clive Donner Editing

  46. Photo of Geoffrey Foot

    Geoffrey Foot Editing

  47. Photo of Stanley Lambourne

    Stanley Lambourne Sound

  48. Photo of Gordon K. McCallum

    Gordon K. McCallum Sound

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