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Li'l Quinquin

P'tit Quinquin

Directed by Bruno Dumont
France, 2014
Crime, Comedy, Drama
  • French
  • English


After a corpse is discovered inside a cow, a screwball police procedural unfolds in a bizarre French village that has fallen prey to evil, while a band of young, mischievous scoundrels watch from the sides.

Li'l Quinquin Directed by Bruno Dumont
It’s a singular treat: a Twin Peaks-twisted mystery, set in starkest rural France yet executed with the knockabout flair of a Keystone Cops jape… as the bumbling investigation snakes circuitously around a community riddled with eccentrics and malcontents, a peculiarly warm feeling for human failing settles in; antic farce turns out to be as suitable a vessel for Dumont’s spiritual preoccupations as dour allegory, and a good deal more fun.
July 12, 2015
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The fact remains: P’tit Quinquin really is funny, in a sometimes surprisingly broad, knockabout way, while being utterly recognisable as the work of one of Europe’s most intransigently distinctive auteurs.
July 10, 2015
Mr. Dumont has denied ever seeing “Twin Peaks,” but the giggly priest and the hauntingly avant-garde ballad of teenage angst yodeled in phonetic English by the town’s would-be superstar (Lisa Hartmann, who wrote the song herself) are as suggestive of David Lynch’s series as the episode in which two British tourists fail to contain the restaurant antics of their grown, mentally disturbed son is of Lars von Trier’s "The Idiots.
June 18, 2015
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What are people saying?

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    This is the reason I come to MUBI. Sure there are crappy movies every once in a while, but then you get something like this that just knocks you over. Thanks MUBI, and you might want to think about more of these type of well made TV shows like 'Les Revanants'.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    A mystery today, and it probably will still be a mystery a decade from now. Is the murderer out there, or were the victims simply swallowed up by a deceptively toxic landscape? Don't expect to be handed answers if you're not willing to bring your own, for what we have here, disguised as a whodunit, is a movie about complicity, inaction, and the cop-out of blaming horrific acts on "evil". All that, and it's funny too.

  • OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    There is a lot to like here. There is a lot of not-much-really happening either. It's like flying a glider instead of a jet through a bumbling police procedural that's richly warm, original in character and also bizarrely perplexing. Superb palette and the two stars were the highlight for me. 3.5 stars

  • josé neves's rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    Bresson's (self) proclaimed disciple: the raw sound and non-professional actors, in addition to a systematic recourse of religious themes, assured him this general consideration. Let's see a detail, among others: when the girl cuddles the pigs at the sound of Bach, Dumont prepares what will become one more slaughter, highlightning it - he's intertwined with the torturer, and there's no greater opposition to Bresson.

  • Warren Spratley's rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    This great, great, great comedy is a tonal high wire act that doesn't ever really falter. Dumont continually achieves a gentle, dim kind of dissonant coloring in each scene. Many are incredibly heterogeneous, built intensely upon networks of colliding sounds and shots, and deceptive arrangements of social mise en scene. At times, I simply had to throw my hands up in disbelief. Here, Dumont fully achieves sublimity.

  • Samuel T.'s rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    Carefully curated physiognomy and landscape, signature Dumont. But instead of languidly paced film with sudden bursts of sex or violence, Dumont simply lets it all flow at, for Dumont, a steady pace. Meditations on intimacy, religion, racism, gender, general "global issues," not unusual for the filmmaker, but here, a jam-packed punch with overwrought humor. Unspeakable cinematography. Next level Dumont.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    FNC '14 Bruno Dumont surprises all with this foray into comedy (!!!) and succeeds beyond expectation. Made for French television this 4 episode series finds a police captain and his partner investigating a bizarre string of murders in a northern French town shared with a tale of a young farm boy, his girl and his curiosity and hijinks. Bernard Pruvost is amazing as the captain rivalling Sellar's 'Clouseau'.

  • Quentin Carbonell's rating of the film Li'l Quinquin

    One of the most exciting, amusing and interesting object I've seen in Cannes this year. The first episode made me cry of laughter, and the format plus the beautiful cinematography really deserve a big screen ! A delight, especially having myself lived in the North and heard that unique accent for years.

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