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John Wick

United States, 2014
Action, Thriller


When sadistic young thugs senselessly attack a lethal ex-assassin, they unknowingly awaken the boogeyman. John Wick soon embarks on a merciless rampage, hunting down his adversaries with the skill and ruthlessness that made him an underworld legend.

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John Wick Directed by Chad Stahelski, David Leitch

Awards & Festivals

Indiewire Critics' Poll

2014 | Nominee: Best First Feature

Toronto Film Critics Association Awards

2014 | 3rd place: Best First Feature

With its cut-to-the-bone visual style and derring-do to introduce an alternate universe (in which various high-concept edges are sanded-down into simple procedures), John Wick is probably the closest any action film has come to marrying Bresson and Bioshock.
April 10, 2015
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John Wick is a great piece of film-making. It is made up primarily of fight scenes, ferocious, with a body count equivalent to a small Romanian village. The film was made by two former stuntmen (it is their first feature, and I just have to tip my hat to that – this is incredibly bold, audacious, confident, GORGEOUS film-making) – and besides the story, which is a classic Revenge drama, it is a celebration of the old-school style of stuntmen, what stuntmen (and women) can provide.
February 06, 2015
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Brilliant in its simplicity, the setup of"John Wick," like the rest of the movie, passes swiftly and efficiently. Harboring few ambitions beyond knock-your-socks-off action sequences, this crafty revenge thriller delivers with so much style — and even some wit — that the lack of substance takes longer than it should to become problematic.
October 23, 2014
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What are people saying?

  • Ana Sousa's rating of the film John Wick

    Pure entertainment. It has it all. The characters and the intricate plot, the pacing that leaves you begging from anticipation and excitement, the motives and conflict resolutions, no loose threads or disappointments. All the build-ups that keep you high on expectation, they never let you down. Keanu has the most stylish and badass way of fighting I've ever seen. His whole body does the acting. No words needed.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film John Wick

    Essentially a post-'Drive' aesthetic; neon-drenched, detached & sombre; emphasising mood, style, clean lines & clear action. It's a refreshing approach for this kind of DTV material & manages to go some lengths towards elevating a paper-thin plot that offers no credible or satisfying resolution; the whole thing just descending into mindless revenge-porn where the original point of the story gets lost in the carnage.

  • Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film John Wick

    Remembers the cardinal rule of action movies that so many modern ones seem to forget: give us Who and Why, then get the fuck out of the way. Good choreography, simple and concise storytelling and smart worldbuilding make this one a winner. Highly recommended to even cursory action enthusiasts.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film John Wick

    This film achieves Action Movie Nirvana around its midpoint as Keanu Reeves dispatches a series of Russian goons with the cold and calculating efficiency of a slasher killer, all set to an icy synth-pop soundtrack. Unfortunately, we still have some 40 minutes to go from there and "John Wick" never manages to top itself, but the entire production is anchored by one of Reeves' finest performances.

  • Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film John Wick

    So many action movies suffer from being overly serious or realistic. John Wick is a sleek, STYLISH,old-school badass revenge flick that is definitely refreshing. While the second half of the film loses traction, it is overall fun,full of style,dark,dry humor, well choreographed and plenty of "oh fuck!" moments with a protagonist you instantly root for. The club scenes are FANTASTIC.A future cult classic for sure.

  • SlinkyLi's rating of the film John Wick

    Strong and well directed action sequence, a great and surprising supporting cast, and enough weirdness to tie it all together. Old Man Assassin Revenge movies are probably my favorite subgenre right now, and this is a great one.

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film John Wick

    John Wick's 1980's style cheesy comedy in a 1970s-style simplified revenge plot, with its Millenial execution of its video game-like action scenes, all make it a good time waster. The film is much better in snarky mode than anything, with the flippant responses and one-liners surrounding Wick's occupation. Sadly, many of the action scenes are cookie-cutter and repetitive in their headshot conception and execution.

  • Mugino's rating of the film John Wick

    "John Wick" is what the "Punisher" films failed to be... and it didn't need a damned comic book to find some fresh originality, wit and style, despite being a retread of a very, very tired genre. Props to Kolstad's script, to stuntmen Stahelski and Leitch (uncredited) for a respectable directorial debut, and to Reeves for giving them the chance. 3.5 stars.

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