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Directed by Lisandro Alonso
Argentina, Denmark, 2014


A father and daughter journey from Denmark to an unknown desert that exists in a realm beyond the confines of civilization.

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Jauja Directed by Lisandro Alonso
A military officer drags himself across a blazing landscape where he does not belong. Time and space reveal themselves to be more malleable than was once presumed. Old relationships untangle and new ones form; obscured trails become harder to follow. But water keeps flowing, grass keeps growing, and rocks are worn by rain and wind. An inexact synopsis, perhaps, but that should at least get across the thrust of this sublime, oneiric movie.
December 31, 2015
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There’s a scene in The Knick where characters are blown away watching “The Big Swallow” in a kinetoscope. That’s what I feel like watching Jauja—like I’m looking through a window into some mythic realm so unfamiliar it’s spooky. The corners are rounded, the colors are yellowed, the exotic landscape is hiding all kinds of secrets.
December 18, 2015
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Lisandro Alonso’s Jauja should be seen on a big screen or not at all. Crucial scenes of this art house spectacle transpire in extreme long-shot, the actors presented as mere dots on the Patagonian Desert landscapes where the action unfolds.
June 15, 2015
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What are people saying?

  • Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film Jauja

    A masterwork of transfixing beauty from Lisandro Alonso. One of the most gorgeous looking films of the decade too. And Viggo Mortensen is like the most overlooked actor ever. He actually speaks two languages in this one. None of those are english. This proves that his range goes way over the US. Highly recommend this poetic odyssey.

  • Michael Goetz's rating of the film Jauja

    This is a movie of hallucinatory strangeness, often playing like a structural film experiment in how far apart you can separate people and have them be in the same frame. A maximalism in landscape and color (and barking seals) combines with a minimalism in plot and dialog to create one of the only truly dreamlike experiences in cinema. The startling coda transforms the movie into an authentic surrealist masterpiece.

  • Francisco R.'s rating of the film Jauja

    I was transfixed watching this enormous, beautiful film. The story should have kept on going as I thought the ending was too abrupt. But still, this film confirms my thoughts on Alonso's work, a director of Conradian sensibilities who gives you so much freedom some people may not know what to do with it, so what's a gift for some may be a torture to others. To me, it's the best experience I had with a film all year.

  • Francesco Tonelli's rating of the film Jauja

    After watching this, i am reborn.

  • Nadin's rating of the film Jauja

    Lisandro Alonso, known for films such as Liverpool, has certainly developed his approach to film and his style. Jauja is still slow and contemplative. But Alonso has inserted a proper fictional narrative into the film, which distinguishes Jauja from his earlier films, which are almost pure observations of people's day-to-day activities. Also, the framing is superb. More thoughts on my blog:

  • josé neves's rating of the film Jauja

    The formal affectation it's too obvious and allocative and the final coda annoyingly symbolic, being a raccord to the old lady's speech in off, about the unknown and the becoming. It's interesting how geology imposes to the fictional premises, but the best, by far, is the sound, where the elements of the world densify the space of the viewer's visibility: the sea, the wind, insects, the emptiness.

  • affasf's rating of the film Jauja

    The ambiguity of dream doubles freedom in rapture and yearning, like a Feuilladian mirror: a reverberation conducted by an exploring solitude penetrating meta-narrative territories. To exhaust cinema possibilities is to flash back an absolute indistinction, a blinding light that blesses. Is Jauja that hallucinatory force capable of curbing the essence with the mystery of a squandery wholeness?

  • Lucas Granero's rating of the film Jauja

    ¿Es Jauja un western existencial? El género es tomado a partir de sus puntas básicas y se lo concibe desde una idea primitiva. El formato en 4:3 remite a los comienzos del cine y no es descabellado pensar en los antiguos viewmaster. El camino que exige es riesgoso. Estarán aquellos a los que, como el perro del final, simplemente les guste rascarse y otros que se preguntarán, obstinadamente, por qué el cuerpo les pica

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