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  1. Photo of Maurizio Lucidi

    Maurizio Lucidi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giuseppe Mangione

    Giuseppe Mangione Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vittorio Vighi

    Vittorio Vighi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dario Argento

    Dario Argento Story and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Henry Silva

    Henry Silva Cast

  6. Photo of Luigi Casellato

    Luigi Casellato Cast

  7. Photo of Riccardo Salvino

    Riccardo Salvino Cast

  8. Photo of Ezio Sancrotti

    Ezio Sancrotti Cast

  9. Photo of Franco Giornelli

    Franco Giornelli Cast

  10. Photo of Vittorio André

    Vittorio André Cast

  11. Photo of Marco Bogliani

    Marco Bogliani Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Cristina Farnese

    Maria Cristina Farnese Cast

  13. Photo of Paolo Magalotti

    Paolo Magalotti Cast

  14. Photo of Fulvio Mingozzi

    Fulvio Mingozzi Cast

  15. Photo of Tony Roico

    Tony Roico Cast

  16. Photo of Pietro Martellanza

    Pietro Martellanza Cast

  17. Photo of Katia Christine

    Katia Christine Cast

  18. Photo of Marco Guglielmi

    Marco Guglielmi Cast

  19. Photo of Renato De Carmine

    Renato De Carmine Cast

  20. Photo of Alfonso Giganti

    Alfonso Giganti Cast

  21. Photo of Bill Vanders

    Bill Vanders Cast

  22. Photo of Aldo Tonti

    Aldo Tonti Cinematography

  23. Photo of Carlo Rustichelli

    Carlo Rustichelli Music

  24. Photo of Salvatore Argento

    Salvatore Argento Producer

  25. Photo of Alberto Gallitti

    Alberto Gallitti Editing