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828 Ratings


Directed by Rob Zombie
United States, 2007


Inspired by Carpenter’s 1978 original and his theme that ‘’evil can appear in even the smallest of towns,’’ Rob Zombie’s Halloween focuses on the early years of young Michael Myers and the events leading up to his fateful Halloween night murder rampage in the quiet town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

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Halloween Directed by Rob Zombie

What are people saying?

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Halloween

    As with any cash-in (more accurate than the egregious ‘re-imagining’) does it compare to a presumably superior original? One certainly needs knowledge of it to have even a patina of insight into this otherwise vulgarised and thickheaded exercise in shallow-end psychoanalysis which parallels a coarsened retread of the first. Post-modern perhaps but it’s simply ugly wallpaper over the cracks of a much redecorated cell.

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Halloween

    WTF?....Halloween goes to the trailer park. A remake that demonstrates why Zombie's early style is anything but scary: it's loud and brash, but also silly and annoying. His style may work when he is invoking the grindhouse-era (The Devil's Rejects,) but when he goes for scares and fear it feels untrue. Also when this remake deviates from the original it steps wrong, and when it doesn't it's unnecessary. Rubbish.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Halloween

    The rare reboot which stands on its own merits though still pales to the original. Zombie has a true feel for the genre and his horror stunt casting works in its favour. There are truly some inspired moments that inspire dread and fear. The sequence where Laurie is trying to get out through some barbed wire while Michael is coming through the wall is just horrifying. Was that the boogeyman? You bet your ass it was.

  • Jake Cole's rating of the film Halloween

    The adult Shatner mask flops and sags over a chid's head, a purposeful demystification that refuses the easy out of abstracting Michael. Hickified suburbia upends both bourgeois utopia and inadvertent sexual commentary of original. Evil isn't less terrible when in happens in bad places, nor are the promiscuous mor worthy of death. Sad these crucial and dynamic revisions held back, ultimately, by too much fealty.

  • Matt Burgess's rating of the film Halloween

    An interesting failure that is entertaining as a misanthropic throwback to 70s exploitation films. But Zombie doesn't seem to understand what made the original so iconic, instead wallowing in his sweaty, white-trash aesthetic which just doesn't work here. He can't write a teenage girl to save his life - Laurie here is a "sassy" Nancy Drew type? - but overall I'll take this sincere mess over the bland sequels any day.

  • Ethan's rating of the film Halloween

    The first half of this film was pure Zombie and I was fucking with it because it was actually something original that Zombie was trying to do but the second half of this film just felt like a horrible rehash of the original Halloween.

  • Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Halloween

    Rob Zombie's mediocre "re-imagining" of the horror classic is really just another bland and forgettable slasher movie. After showing so much promise with 'The Devil's Reject's', Zombie reverts to woefully predictable twists on time-worn cliches - cramming so much vulgarity and gore into every scene that it actually just becomes ridiculous and dull. A major disappointment.

  • Malkin's rating of the film Halloween

    Carpenter's Mike Myers wasn't really a human being. He was that ancient terror at the edge of your vision, that fear that doesn't go away and doesn't die no matter how neat your suburban world is. Zombie rehumanizes Myers. He gives him motivations, he makes him pathetic and pitiable and sad, he makes him a dangerous animal that needs to be put down. He breaks the rules of horror and it's disturbing like nothing else.

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