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  1. Antares Rising's rating of the film Hail Mary

    3.5. Worth the wait to see but so dense that I'm wanting to see it a time or two more soon so that the associations, especially between structural and narrative elements come more into focus.

  2. MisterColo93's rating of the film Hail Mary

  3. Walker's rating of the film Hail Mary

    As with Godard's other films, this is a densely packed, *dialectical* work, something that the Catholic Church seems not to have understood when they denounced the film. This is a generous, spiritual, and beautiful work of art from one of the cinema's keenest and most roving minds. Every frame is composed to perfection, with especially great usage of nature.

  4. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Hail Mary

    Godard does spirituality—I think. There is cosmic imagery here, the stuff of Malick filtered through Godard's gift for picking a simple visual metaphor and letting your mind run with it. In re-rendering the Gospels, it makes the virgin birth a parable about different kinds of love and the sanctity of the (female) body. Which means that when the Vatican freaked out, they didn't realize just how respectful it was.

  5. josé neves's rating of the film Hail Mary

    35mm.The fact that i participated in the political riot against religious obscurantism in 1985, when this film was presented at cinematheque, marked me more than the memory of the film itself. Rewatching it now, it's a corny collation of images that looking for the absolute only gives us nothing more than sunsets, flowers, moon and Roussel's (less) sacred parts, with the usual musical and literary panoply.

  6. Siniestro's rating of the film Hail Mary

  7. SonOfRambow's rating of the film Hail Mary

    Most erotic Godard film I've seen yet. I was impressed by the score and the quick cuts between nature and modern life was simply glorious. I'm starting to prefer late-Godard to early-Godard, simply because the aftertaste is stronger and they conjure up thoughts about life that no other director seems to dare go. Film really is truth, so Godard showed zero restraint in this film. Brave and beautiful.

  8. Ghostman's rating of the film Hail Mary

    Hail Mary is an engaging and strange work of art by Jean-Luc Godard, our Holy Spirit of filmmakers. The film depicts a modern re-telling of the Virgin Mary myth and how its narrative would apply to our modern times. Godard's film, as usual, is incredibly dense and it defies easy summary and analysis. [cont.]

  9. Diana Smeu's rating of the film Hail Mary

  10. Lex Lucas's rating of the film Hail Mary

    This movie is a 1h40 set up for a joke. Lol papa godard please, how do you make it so poetic at the same time and free beyond any bounds ?

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Hail Mary

    Encore un film qui va faire crier aux nues d'admiration les inconditionnels de Jean-Luc Godard. Pour notre part, cela nous laisse tranquillement indifférents, comme la majeure de ses dernières productions .....

  12. captainfez's rating of the film Hail Mary

    Jesus, Mary, put some pants on.

  13. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Hail Mary

    This is a very dark and angry Godard. Angry is good, especially in this case, Mary's not to be a nun or maybe non. Hell of a film.

  14. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Hail Mary

    I don't get Godard. But this isn't even weird. It just got bad sound mixing (intentionally I assume).

  15. black frank's rating of the film Hail Mary

    a much more interesting film about religion than Gibson's chain saw christ which was just an exercise in violence & torture porn ...its revealing that that film got the mark of approval as the events as they happened from the pope and this was demonized.. what did they find so horrifying?a little nudity& the idea that these near mythic characters they play could be human ..have human concerns(like the rest of us)?

  16. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Hail Mary

    4,5/5 Une splendeur visuelle et sonore ! Cette beauté écraserait-elle un peu le propos ? Non, si l'on estime qu'il s'agit de la Grâce ! Telle la foi d'un panda espérant la divine pitance...

  17. sksksksk's rating of the film Hail Mary

  18. Sidereus's rating of the film Hail Mary

    It was 1985, my country was still under enormous pressure from the Catholic Church. Although there was no censorship, the government did not allow the film to be shown. We saw the movie, at university, more as protest than aesthetic appreciation. I see it now again, and it seems surprisingly delicate, almost a poem. Music and nature to punctuate the narrative, seems to me so especially beautiful.

  19. Sasha Bldnn's rating of the film Hail Mary

    Ca papote, ça s'étrangle : laisse nous donc avec les images Jeannot, tu parles, tu parles à en crever.

  20. rociof's rating of the film Hail Mary

    La fotografía es deliciosa y la edición, parte medular del trabajo de JLG. Una idea que transforma en una historia (inusualmente) personal.

  21. Pierre.F's rating of the film Hail Mary

    Un Godard très original qui interroge notre rapport au corps dans une réécriture de l'Evangile.

  22. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Hail Mary

    3.5 They must have steamed up the cutting room windows...

  23. *'s rating of the film Hail Mary

    De l'amour, je n'avais que l'ombre, oui, et même l'ombre d'une ombre.

  24. catweinz's rating of the film Hail Mary

    quelle merveille ! un Godard que je n'avais jamais vu. l'image est inouïe, alternance entre paysages outrancièrement buccoliques, musique de Bach ou Dvorjak et dialogues entre homme et femme

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